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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Omegasupreme, Dec 4, 2012.

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    There were a few times in the Eagle game where Dez looked like he didn't recognize what his role was coming out of the huddle. It made me wonder how many current starters on the offense are still not completely grasping the offense.
    Other than Romo and Witten, there seems to be a few times in each game where a few of the skill position players are unsure.

    So here's the it possible that if the offense was a great deal more simplified and better orchestrated, that players like Beasley, Dunbar, Harris, and Hanna might get more playing time. In other words, if it has taken Dez, Miles, Felix, etc such a long time understand what Romo does, what does that mean for the new players in terms of learning curve?

    Or if the offense has so many variables that Garrett ensures thatMiles and Dez should be on the field just in case the defense gets exposed for the long ball, the development of the younger players will take years.

    Sean Payton seems to be able to insert different players into similar roles, several times a game. For that to happen, among other things, the players have to all have to have the same understanding of the play.

    How can Dallas get there this year (other than the obvious impeachment of JG)?
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    So, the objective here is to figure out how we can field a team that doesn't look to you like they don't recognize their roles coming out of a huddle? Good question. I'm not sure how they get there. Perhaps they spend some time in practice working on looking self-assured while their helmets are on? Mabye some strut-drills?
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    get a real HC

    problem solved
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    How can a fan tell if a player is confused? A player can really only be confused on the terminologies and we as fans don't know any of them so I don't think you can say they're confused
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    Please before we make Peyton VInce Lombardi, please undertsand the fact he has a GREAT QB.. Sure he is a very good coach and knows Offense, but please Sean Peyton is NOT the savior for this team..The Cowboys are broken in so many areas and the team philosphy needs an overhaul...
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    I agree. It's not just JG but the overall coaching staff needs to be replaced. I just don't see any keepers with respect to how all units are disfunctioning. However, the problem is this old crochety egomaniac who thinks he knows Pro football General Management will again get in the way, undermining a "real" HC's staff needs. If that good old owner would replace that crochety GM fool, we may be able to lure a real HC in the DC organization. The closest thing to that was Dan Reeves a few years ago and that was a fiasco from the beginning due to that crochety old fool's ego.

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