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    Yes pun intended

    Anyways what Fantasy/Scifi writers got you into it and what are some of the Authors you read or series you still remember

    I know I started with Lloyd Alexander It started with the Book of Three 1st book of a 5 book series The Prydain Chronciles most people may know the second book by the butchered up movie Disney made The Black Cauldron. (I am still PO about how they butchered the book so bad)

    Read David Eddings 10 Belgrath books (yes 2 differnt series 5 each) and the 6 Sparhawk books

    I read Moorcock and enjoy him (he is differnt from most Fantasy writers but I like him)
    Read Elrik, Corum & Hawkmoon series

    Read most of the Goodkind Sword of Truth series still have to finish it

    Reading the Wheel of Time of course by Jordan

    Read Terry Brooks read the 1st 3 kingdom for sale series (but the series was only ok)

    Read Sword;Elf stone & whishsong of Shanara and followed up with the Scions of Shanara group with walker bow

    Chalker has some stuff that is good he does both Fantasy and Scifi
    Read the 1st three of the River of Dancing goods series and RINGS OF THE MASTER SERIES

    Read the orginal 6 dragonlance series ang nothing weiss or hickman have done since is worth reading (imo)

    If you want a strange and weird kind of dark is Lious Copper Time Master Trilogy

    Read some of Salvatore's books he has a bunch hehe (like him a lot)

    read Barbara's Hambly read The Darwath trilogy by her nothing else but it was still a good series

    Feist Loved the 1st 4 books of the Riftwar saga and read the Daughter of the empire series seing it from the enemies eyes as well

    A Recent Book I read and will need to read more by the author is David Gemmell The Hero in the Shadows very very good

    I tried Anne Macfery 3 differnt books bought I never been able to choke any of her booksdown she is over rated imo

    I read more but do not remeber titles or authors just story lines on some and some titles ae just evading my head untill some one says something about it rlmao

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    Robert Jordan-Wheel of Time..(THE BEST)

    Anne McCaffrey-P.E.R.N SERIES -Is a great set, but the rest of her books I Can't choke down either.....

    R.A. Salvatore-All the books about Drizzt Do'Urden (i.e.-Legacy of the Drow)(Great)

    George R.R.Martin-A Song of Ice and Fire series (Real Good)

    Terry Brooks- I agree with Kangaroo (Good)

    David Eddings-Alright but nothing to write home about....

    Terry Goodkind-Sword of Truth (alot like like Jordan and his Wheel of Time series but easier to read and not as many Characters)

    Merceds Lackey-Her books are kind of hit and miss...She does a lot of collaboration with other Writers....
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    Some really good ones listed already (Martin, Salvatore), I'd like to add Ray Feist to the list, starting with Magician.
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    Ok here's the list of what I've read at least those i can remember.

    David Eddings - most of what he's written. so-so.

    Raimond E Feist - All of his books i think. They are among the best.

    Robert Jordan - All of them. Also among the best.

    Katherine Kerr - The deverry series. Good but different.

    Terry Brooks - Shannara series. Didn't really like them all that much.

    Terry Goodkind - Sword of truth series. Ok but not much more.

    Ursula le Guin - First four books of The Earthsea series. Ok.

    Guy Gavriel Kay - The Fionavar tapestry. Quite good.

    Peter Morwood - Book of the years series. Good.

    Fred Saberhagen - Book of Swords series. Quite good.

    Fritz Lieber - 4 or 5 books can't really remember which or if they were any good

    George R.R Martin - A couple of his books. Quite good.

    Stephen Donaldson - Thomas Covenant series. Don't like them.

    Some of these books i read a long time ago when i was 12-15 years old. At the time i liked Eddings alot but i really don't like them much any more. I would really put Raimond E Feist on the top alongside Tolkien as the best fantasy I've read. Also I sort of enjoy the somewhat older fantasy lik Kay and le Guin since they are a bit different then the modern more stereotypical fantasy books.
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    Frank Herbert - Dune Series. Quite simply Frank was a literary genius. Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children of Dune are some of the best science fiction I have ever read.

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