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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sitting Bull, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Leaving town on business until Friday and then directly to San Diego for my annual draft weekend- informally sponsored by Shiner Bock- with three draft-obsessed friends. As a result, I'm forced to turn in my mock earlier than I would like. Hope everyone has as much fun as I will this weekend:

    Sitting Bull's 2006 Mock Draft

    Round 1 Bobby Carpenter OLB Ohio St.
    Very definition of a "Parcells guy" at a position of need.
    alt. selection: Winston Justice OT USC

    *I think Dallas will look to swap 2nd & 3rd rounders with a team picking 3-7 picks later in order to recoup the lost 4th rounder*

    Round 2 Danieal Manning FS/KR Abilene Christian
    Cowboys not afraid to mine another small school monster who proved he could hang at the Shrine game. Cowboys scouts were on him early; Gosselin hyped him early; Manning wants to be a Cowboy. This one is a lock
    alt. seletion: Demetrius Williams WR Oregon

    Round 3 Kevin Boothe OL Cornell
    Versitile sleeper with top intangibles; Played guard and both tackle positions in college. Durability gets questioned due to two broken hands and an ankle injury but a closer look reveals that he barely missed any time because he's a baad man...This is higher than most have him rated but he is a player we've looked at hard and he is all upside, IMO.
    alt. selection: Chris Gocong DE/OLB Cal-Poly

    Round 4 (via trade) Tim Day TE Oregon
    Pass-catching TE with huge wingspan and red-zone skills. Multiple sources say we're interested and Day is slotted as a solid 4th round value.
    alt. selection: Charlie Whitehurst QB Clemson

    Round 5:Jovon Bouknight WR/KR Wyoming
    Insanely productive college WR with excellent hands, courage over the middle and open-field moves. Quick but not fast. Former HS QB with similar skill set to Crayton but much more natural as a return man and would challenge immediately at PR/KR.
    alt. selction: Joe Toledo OT Washington

    Round 6:Tommy Jackson DT Auburn
    Stumpy, two-gap run stuffer who is the perfect developmental backup at NT.
    alt. selection: Anthony Mix TE/WR Auburn

    Round 7:Troy Bienemann TE/LS Washington St.
    Versatile mid-round value who's stock tanked due to a late-season knee injury. Just the sort of dented-can we like in the later rounds. Elite long-snapping prospect.
    alt. selection: Jon Scifres K SW Missouri St.
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    You have the Cowboys drafting TWO tight ends??

    Yeah, that'll happen...
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    no offense...
    but that's awful
  4. BigWillie

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    Gotta agree with the above two.

    A tight end in the 4th is a head scratcher. But then to draft a TE/LS in the 7th? You pick a guy like that up as an UDFA, not a draft pick.
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    I love three of the picks. Carpenter is going to be a very solid player, I like Manning's potential (though it doesn't help the FS issue), and I like Tommy Jackson. The rest definitely aren't on my draft radar.

    David Harrell - Pokes

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