Six games in, who's the better Playcaller?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Stupid question. Alan ball can't hold Jacques reeves jock strap.
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    Kind of hard to judge considering our Oline is much better this year. However with that said I think it is obvious that this years offense is doing better.

    Now if you happen to find that your argument now becomes is if Bill is only calling Jason's offense the way jason wants them called...and if you do argue that....if bill is only calling jason's offense the way jason wants it called why replace Jason as play caller in the first place.

    This could be a conundrum of sorts for some.
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    I don't know when Dallas has lost it seems to blame Garrett play calling and when we win then it is look at what Callahan is doing. I think outside of play calling things the Cowboys have done to get plays in quicker by going to a number system allows them to get up to the LOS faster and add to that we are getting better production from the OL
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    Could Romo be an acceptable answer?
  5. BraveHeartFan

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    If you don't think you need a stronger running game then what we've got you're going to be really upset again toward the end of this year. You can throw it all over the field like this if you've got competent defense that can continuely get you out of jams. If you don't then you're in a lot of trouble.

    I think things are more smooth this year and we definately seem to do better from start to finish rather than starting out completely cold and having to come storming back every week.
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    Play calling hasen't been an issue for me except outside a few plays.

    We actually seem to have a home field advantage this year as well.
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    Well, we should consider Romo had a rib injury, meaning play calling was limited apparently a couple of games. So the basis of judging should really be games when Romo was halthy. I liked Denver and the approach towards Washington via Murray until he got injured, where Dallas was using Murray to effectively counter Haslett's tendency to blitz. I still see things I don't like, such as the tendency to resort to max protect ad 2 TEs sets when an injury happens. But there are clear differences, with Dallas abandoning it and going 4 to 5 WR sets and not simply 'hurry up' and winging it...
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    There was that stupid screen to T Will against Kansas with Dez in one-on-one.. That goes down in the record books as one of the dumbest plays ever in the history of the universe, known and unknown...
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    I'd say that's on Romo.

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