Skinhead/neo-Nazi fury in German on the rise...

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by ThaBigP, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Wasn't there a revival in the U.S. just a couple of years ago? Racism and hate will never be eliminated, all we can do is try and overcome it.
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    A good read for the times.......Liberal Facism by J. Goldberg....

    Stricking are the ties between the two.........everthing from Enviromentalism to Veggie' racism....remember the holecaust

    Really, its the same old tricks over and over to take over a society......but it does take a "charismatic" individual........

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    Jonah Goldberg nailed it in his book...too bad the left can't read.
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    Yes, racism and hate will always be with us, at the very least for the forseeable future (read: in our lifetimes). Therefore, the issue needs to cease being looking at them as mere wacos. The real issue is they seek the power of the state to enforce their agenda. This is why Communism and Fascism are merely rival siblings, rather than opposite ends of the political spectrum as many like to claim. The truth is, on one end you have state (and therefore no state control) whatsoever. That invariably leads to tyranny...just look at what happened in Europe when the Roman Empire fell. The weak are easy prey, and seek out the strong for protection. Therefore, we wound up with feudalism/manoralism and the Roman Catholic Church (the middle ages variation of it), vested with total power by the masses just seeking safety from anarchy. On the opposite end, you have various interpretations of total state control. Most civilizations try to fall on the left side of the middle (toward individual liberty, but avoiding total anarchy). The degree to which a people can be free hinges entirely on their capacity for decency - to accept personal limits on their behavior rather than have those limits imposed by an authoritarian government. It's what our Founders believed...and what De Toqueville and many others wrote about. "When the American people cease to be good, America will cease to be great."

    Edit: When I refer to the "left" side of politics, or the "right" side of politics, I try to stay true to their original meanings, rather than the widely distorted (and amusingly so) modern-day pop-culture variants. The idea that anybody who would use the power of the state to redistribute the product of labor as a "leftist" idea is laghable. It's not "liberal" either, although we use that label with a straight face here all the time. Further left, from a classical standpoint, is away from state control, and toward individual control, and encourages delegation of authority (hence, federalism as we have here). To move to the right (again, classically speaking) means to begin to consolidate state power, moving toward a unitarian form of governement as well as clawing back individual liberty either for the "good" of the state, or more often today for the "good" of the collective. The collective in modern terms is just a proxy word for "state". If individuals have no rights, how then can grouping those individuals together suddenly cause collective "rights" to spring forth?

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