Skins are doomed.... and so am I

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by 1fisher, Sep 5, 2006.

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    Write it down in three inch letters! SKINS ARE DOOMED.. and so am I...

    We had our fantasy draft this past weekend and I wasn't able to attend so I let the "system" draft for me.... Guess who I wound up with.


    I know, I know, Cooley and Moss might produce some good numbers for me but my past experience with players from the opposition has NOT been good! Last year I drafted David Akers and the Philly "D" and look what happend to them. Akers was hurt and the Philly "D" didn't fare to well (fantasy wise) and I suffered in the standings.

    I don't wish injury on any of the players that were drafted but history tells me that they will not do well.... I'll keep them on my roster and play them just so the real team suffers!!!!:laugh2:

    I'm willing to forfiet the FFL championship at the expense of Moss, Cooley, and Brunell!:laugh2:
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    I got stuck with Moss, but by choice :( . I had the 9th pick out of 12 teams, and after choosing Edge (9th- 1rst round) and Ronnie Brown (3rd-2nd round), WRs started flying off the board, by the time it was my pick again everyone was gone but Moss, but I did get Antonio Gates in the next round.
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    I have Portis in one league, that one's obviously risky. Lloyd is my 4th stringer in that one. It's surprising I got them because I'm playing with a bunch of Redskins fans. Cooley was the 3rd TE taken...
  4. 1fisher

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    Cooley Moss and Brunell will probably suck this year just because they are on my team!!!!!
  5. Doomsday

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    Sweet good job, way to take one for the team. :bow:

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