Slightly OT: Last bad 1st rounder from UM?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DezBRomo9, Nov 18, 2005.

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    So UM seems to produce slightly more above-average to good Offensive players while their late 1st round picks seem to be picked just because of the talent overall in the defense they play in. A friend of mine lives on former UM's stats in the NFL. And why dont you guys think we havent drafted any UM players as of late?
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    Good thing we didn't draft Buchanon. I remember SI had an article on the Cowboys war room and there was a big divide between taking Jammer or Buchanon. We never got the shot at Jammer (a good thing IMO, especially since he played for the loathsome Longhorns) and we took Roy Williams over Buchanon (obviously a good thing.)
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    I remember when everyone was wanting us to take Carey in that draft. He did look good at Miami, and was good in workouts and such, but has yet to bust out in a mediocre Dolphins O-Line.
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    Most rumps do stink. I guess his name suits him well though.
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    McDougle and Rumph IMO, plus it's still a little early to judge some of these guys.

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