Small observation and Darren Woodson, where are you?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CCBoy, Jul 16, 2014.

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    With the increase and proliferation of spread offenses today. Packages are on the field more of a game than the oldschool standard sets. That means a greater need for 'specialy' types of players that fill in either as linebackers or safeties in function.

    Once one starts to transform a positional identification, what does that player now get paid as? Linebacker, or safety?

    Also, that demand will being into view more players with dual abilities that are apparent. Allowing just such a player to come up to the line of scrimmage and function as a linebacker...then drop back into over the top roles.

    Dallas has picked up on this specialty type of player somewhat, with the draft selection of a Darren Woodson type linebacker, Will Smith.

    This requirement, also could affect types of cornerbacks that are acquired in the future as well. A rather large corner, can spend his first five years in coverage as a cornerback, and when speed starts to slow slightly, can then bump up to linebacker or back to a safety role. But problems of salary has to take a directional turn, starting now, as teams learn to handle those changing roles.
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    Wait, are you saying Will Smith can be Darren Woodson? I'd think we would be lucky if he can be Godfrey Myles.
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    Rather silly question.

    Pointing out to a position hybrid being explored due to today's game. Also, with a positional transition, how would a team approach paying that player? The positional pay scale was attacked by a top tight end wishing to get the same guaranteed ceiling as a wide receiver.

    If you hadn't noticed, Smith is being shaped as a safety at this point. A 'rook' taken in the middle of a draft, just doesn't come in and get comparisons to Darren Woodson, Godfrey Myles, or even a Devonte Holloman...who came in as a safety and now is a linebacker.

    Woodson was as good an example as the Cowboys have had since decades ago. But who was a linebacker that had the speed to be a safety...which today's spread provides a great opportunity to excel at.
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    As I recall Smith's 40 time was in the 4.6 - 4.7 range, unless he gets a wee bit faster, I don't see him covering slot any time soon.
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    Not sure they are looking for a hybrid LB/S to cover the slot in SPs. Most of those guys are used as a in the box safety/LB since they are more mobile than say a traditional LB like McClain. Before Church reduced his weight I thought he could play that LB/S role. He may be too light now.

    Holloman is more a LB than a S. He did play S in college but was moved to a rover or jake position later on. His weight is in the LB range now.
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    Don't we have that already in Church? I heard he is working on breaking 4.7 soon:D In all seriousness though, Woody was a freak in that he was fast enough to actually play the S position and could have probably added weight to play LB. He surely was bigger than Coakley.
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    Will Smith ran a 4.59 forty but Woodson ran 4.4 forty.
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    The Cowboys played Nickel for 61% of the snaps last season. The question of who are the 2 LBs in the Nickel is now more important than who are the 3 LBs in the base defense.

    I think Holloman will be 1 of the Nickel LBs but I'm not sure about the other one. I assume Carter is most likely, but he had some issues in coverage last season. If a 3rd Safety could step up, then they could use Church as a Nickel LB with the 3rd Safety replacing him at Safety.

    Is there much difference between the salary of a 4-3 LB and a Safety? The LB franchise tag is jacked up due to 3-4 OLBs.
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