So after TC and 2 games, which of last year's holes do you think have been fixed?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Aug 23, 2005.

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    These are what I consider last year's biggest weakness and which ones I feel have been fixed.

    Quarterback: Vinny Testaverde to Drew Bledsoe. I'm not sure this has been fixed, because I'm not convinced it was a huge problem last year. Yes, neither of those fellas at this point in their careers will be another Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach, but they are still effective vets who if aren't asked to carry the team by themselves, will play the bus driver role to its utmost perfection. Testaverde's biggest problem was probably getting that 40 year old body to make it he entire year. If the Cowboys are ever gonna find another franchise QB, it's going to have to be in the draft. So I'm going to leave my vote out on this one.

    Depth behind Keyshawn and Glenn: Not sure yet. Crayton has looked pretty good in preseason but let's see how it plays out in the regular season. I know Morgan ain't going anywhere, so I'm going to reluctantly keep my vote on this position being fixed until I see more of what Crayton can offer in the regular season.

    Offensive Line: They have struggled at times. We need to see Rivera in more full-time action and know if his older body can recover form that surgery. Losing Rogers hurt. No one is ready to step up and claim that right tackle position. Larry Allen and Flozell Adams are still the most dependable horses. I don't think it's improved at all, but I remain optimistic to see what they look like when all together and starters are finalized, and I'll say that it could be a whole lot worse too.

    Defensive Line: I'm going to say yes even with not much visible proof of Spears and Ferguson's impact yet. There is so much more depth on the line than there has been in recent years. I'm just glad we can argue about which players work best in which formations instead of "who the heck is going to replace so and so."

    Linebackers: No doubt about it, Demarcus Ware is going to be a star in this league. But... as a unit, they may get worse. Hopefully, more time and experience work out some of the problems they've had in the preseason. I'm going to remain optimistic again and see this as a unit that will improve by the end of the season but I'm not ready yet to claim them fixed.

    Defensive Backs: Fixed. The Arizona game was all I had to see. Parcells said the same thing by his playcalling on defense last night. It's the linebackers we gotta worry about in coverage, not the veterans corners or even safeties with big doubts at free safety. Right now, I'd rather rely on Newman, Henry, Glenn, Roy and others to face the bombers like Kerry Collins, Vinny Testavede, or Drew Bledsoe instead of the dink and dunk west coasters who are going to take advantage of the inexperienced front seven.

    Special Teams: Not sure yet. I think Cortez can do as good a job as Cundiff. I think McBriar will be better this year and maybe get some well deserved recognition. Not sure about the returners or kickoff coverage teams. Nothing yet to make me think we should be worried thick, but nothing yet to make me think we'll be one of the top specials teams units in the league. Hopefully, continued improved depth by Parcells drafts and rookie free agent signings will fix this.
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    Biggest upgrades to me would be the depth along the DL, especially when Spears is in the mix.

    Biggest question mark is stillRT sadly enough. Rogers going down to injury really stinks, especially if he ended his chances here. We can't keep blowing picks on OL and missing. Hopefully the addition of Rivera will make a big difference.

    Davis is an improvement at FS, but how much remains to be seen. Still improved in that area though with Davis starting and Berr-O back there.

    LB'er will be a big upgrade IMO, but it will take time. Ware and Burnett have solid futures, just not so sure about the rest of the gang other than Dat. Going to take some time for everyone to adjust to the 3-4 as well. Growing pains I suppose.
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    Still waiting to see what happens at WR. Glenn has drawn nothing but rave reviews but I can't recall but maybe 1 or 2 passes his way in preseason. Then again, maybe we are trying to keep him nice and healthy. Crayton looks improved which is a plus, but Morgan seems to be disappointing thus far. I still say Morgan stays unless his attitude gets him off the team. If he keeps his trap shut, I think we keep him for depth purposes, especially if Glenn goes down.
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    Until there is consistant play from all these positions, nothing has been fixed. I voted WR because it was the least of my worries. The talent is there, just need experience from the younger players.

    I think Bldesoe will be fine and of course we need the OL to be fixed at RT. The DB's gave up too many catches across the middle, but they are going in the right direction, see what happens next week. One great game from Ware, so let's see it again. Same with DL / LB's, let's see an improvement next week.
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    I would like to say depth at WR with the way Crayton playe last nite. But, I dont think we have too much depth after Crayton that can come in and help without too much of a drop off. But it has improved from last year.

    We still need to spend a high pick on WR, as much as I like Crayton I do not know if he can be a legit #1 WR, a solid #2 yes but not sure if he can be a solid #1. He has the attitude to push and get close and maybe even succede, but I will be happy with him anywhere as a starter. Either way we need another WR to groom, I have little hope for Morgan he does not seem to want it bad enough.
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    i say everything excpet QB, i think when the season starts and bledsoe goes down, we have no answeres, our team isnt perfect but we did fix soem holes

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