So I read TO's book.. aka Cliff Notes for a Cowboys fan

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Aug 10, 2006.

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    Wow! What a waste of money! I knew I would end up disappointed with this book, but I had to add to my massive football book collection. Even Deion Sanders has a spot on the shelves. ;)

    So.... most of the book is TO defending himself, telling his side of the story. Honestly, the whole thing really seems blown out of proportion by the media. What it boils down to is TO had an amateur agent who could no longer keep up with a bigtime NFL athlete (the botched San Fran free agency, NO advertising money in TO's first year with the Eagles other than standard NFL Player's Union income :eek:, the poor contract with the Eagles, and so on...), and Donovan McNabb and TO started developing a feud in the mold of Jimmy Johnson vs. Jerry Jones. Two big egos, and according to TO, mostly egged on by McNabb, but I'm sure McNabb would have a different story to tell.

    The only game he really goes into detail about is the Super Bowl. He even admits that Donovan McNabb tried his best to win the game, and dismisses some of the early sensationalism regarding his comments about McNabb. Sadly, not a single detail about the Cowboys games, not even much to say about the game in which he was injured other than a detailed description of what it feels like to have two ankle ligaments torn in half.

    Probably the most interesting revelation in the book was about that game two years ago between the Eagles and Steelers. You might remember that game as the battle between the two best teams at the time. The Eagles were 7-0, the Steelers 6-1. I think Pittsburgh went on to beat New England the next week. Anyways, before the game, an offensive coach came up to TO and confessed that Donovan gets tight in big games and can screw up. He told TO to offer his support and try to keep McNabb loose. Well, McNabb had one of his worst days of the year, so there's some fodder for the ongoing argument about McNabb's value.

    Regarding his escape from Philly, after Denver lost in the Playoffs, Mike Shanahan personally invited TO and Rosenhaus to his house to weigh the receiver's interest. They all hit it off well. Later on, the Kansas City rumors hit, although TO had not visited with any Chiefs official. It wasn't until three days into his release from the Eagles when Rosenhaus called telling him he had been in contact with teams and the numbers were starting to sound right. Rosenhaus told TO he had talked to Bill Parcells and Stephen Jones on the phone, and it sounded like the best team for TO, plus the contract numbers were staggering.

    So Bill and Stephen did their deeds to guage the interest, and THEN, they sent the slickster himself to seal the deal.

    This part is directly from TO's book and I had to share it with ya, because it really shows you why Jerry always gets his free agents. A master salesman if I ever saw one.

    Now there's a fella who could sell a comb to a bald man. :bow: :bow:
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    Awesome post man thanks for sharing
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    Nice article. Interesting point is that unless Rosenhaus is lying, Parcells seems to have been on board since the beginning even though we all know from PFT and others that he wasn't ;)

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    I dont think JJ was selling... I think he was sincere and hw could relate to TO
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    Appreciate the info...
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    Thanks. I'm also going to need to buy a comb soon.

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