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So I took part in a full mock draft this week...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Primetime42, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Primetime42

    Primetime42 Well-Known Member

    3,372 Messages
    614 Likes Received
    ...and while I'm sure this is not how it will turn out in real life, I wanted to see what the reaction would be if the draft did indeed fall this way.

    Here you go!

    1) Fletcher Cox, DE/DT, Mississippi State
    2) Harrison Smith, S, Notre Dame
    3) Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma
    4a) Omar Bolden, CB, Arizona State
    4b) Philip Blake, C, Baylor
    5) Rhett Ellison, TE, USC
    6) Cyrus Gray, RB, Texas A&M
    7) Braylon Broughton, DE, TCU
  2. AKATheRake

    AKATheRake Well-Known Member

    4,465 Messages
    564 Likes Received
    They would be doing cart wheels.
  3. pupulehaole

    pupulehaole Well-Known Member

    1,530 Messages
    182 Likes Received
    Haha very nice, not possible but if it were! Very nice.

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