So I'm watching multiple Youtube Highlights

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rags747, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. rags747

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    and none of these DL really impress me all that much. It's a shame as we could really use a pressure player on the line but I just have not seen him.

    If we go defense I'm really thinking Kirkpatrick. The guy has great size, shows a lot of attitude, has a lot of fire in him, seems to have some Irvin in him. I just think it's something our defense really needs. I also really like Hightower & the BC LB'er Kuechly but will LB really help us out all that much.

    Love Decastro but not sure they will go guard at 14.

    Anyone else feel like this?
  2. poost

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    Say we resign Spencer, sign Center Chris Myers, CB Brandon Carr, and NT Soliai.

    Would you be happy with signing the BC LB and drafting a corner in the second, say Minnefield?
  3. tm1119

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    Bruce Carter will/needs to get a shot to play. Sign a vet ILB to back him up but 3 straight years of an ILB in the 1st 2 rounds is not worth it to me. I'd be very happy with those FA's and would be even happier if we got DeCastro/Glenn. We would then have only 1 serious weakness at FS and I'd feel great heading into next year.
  4. Smith22

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    Mike Mayock said the draft is extremely deep at DT. He thinks 5 or 6 DT's may go in round 1.
  5. rags747

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    the draft may be 5 or 6 deep in rnd 1 for dl but are any of them really difference makers? I have not really seen one where I say I gotta have that guy.
  6. VACowboy

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    Most of these guys have holes in their games, but if they didn't they'd be going top-5.
  7. jswalker1981

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    You know who has an impressive youtube highlight video?

    Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

  8. DFWJC

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    We're not seeing the same thing then
    I think the DL prospects are very impressive this year. They may the strength of the entire 1st day of the draft.

    That's why the draft is a crapshoot though. We'll see in a few years, I guess.
  9. jterrell

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  10. casmith07

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    Yes. Just worry about Bruce Carter at that point. You pretty much have to project him as a nickel LB or SOLB at that point.
  11. casmith07

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    He wasn't terribly impressive. He was merely a superior athlete...very rarely in his return vids did he display vision or have to make someone miss, etc.

    I was wrong though. I mocked him to us in the 4th round that entire off-season.

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