So jealous of Cleveland's offensive line

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Ok-well let's look at team's that have done something in the last eighteen years:

    The NY Giants have drafted two olineman in the first three rounds of the last nine drafts-TWO.

    The Patriots have drafted four in the first three rounds over the last nine drafts.

    The Steelers have drafted seven in the past nine years, three of which over the last two.

    Dallas has drafted five olineman in the first three rounds over the last nine years.

    So this myth that Dallas only pick wr's/cb's is just that a MYTH. What's also a myth is that the good teams pick olineman like they are apples off a tree and wait on corners and wr's. It's simply not true. If anything they need to draft MORE wr's/cb's.
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    The problem with that is you can't look at what other teams do to fix this issue. Because we don't have their talent evaluators. We have our own and they've proven over the years they can not find OL later in the draft. Any decent OL drafted since Jerry has taken over the club was drafted in the first two rounds. Allen, Flozell, Gurode and Tyron.

    So you can't say New England does it this way, so what's the problem? We aren't the Patriots. We're the Cowboys. We have to play the hand our lunatic owner deals us and our best shot at getting quality OL on this team is early in the draft.
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    I understand that, but people keep portaying a team that ignores oline and focuses on wr's and cb's. I've heard this countless times from people on the board. Personally, I would draft one lineman in the first two rounds of this draft and spend the rest of the picks shoring up the aging dline and find another pass rusher.
    Just wanted to point out that it's not that the Cowboys have spent all there picks on wr's, is that they have completely missed on four of the five lineman they picked early. Probably out of bad luck more than anything, because they are pretty decent drafting every other position early on.
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    When you pick in the top 10 every year for a decade or so you're bound to stumble across some really good OL resources.
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    How convenient of you to stop at nine years instead of considering the full 18 years.

    Shall we take a look?

    Year Player Draft Pick(s)
    2012 Mo Claiborne 1 & 2
    2010 Dez Bryant 1 & 3
    2009 Roy Williams 1 & 3
    2008 Mike Jenkins 1
    2003 Terence Newman 1
    2002 Roy Williams 1
    2001 Tony Dixon 2
    2000 Dwayne Goodrich 2

    And since the TE is part of the passing game why not have a look at them as well?

    2008 Martellus Bennett 2
    2006 Anthony Fasano 2
    2003 Jason Witten 3
    1997 David LaFleur 1
    1995 Kendell Watkins 2

    We did trade up for Mike Jenkins but I couldn't quickly find out what we gave up for him in addition to the 1st.

    Yea we sure need to draft more WRs, TEs and DBs becaues we can't stop winning.
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    Oh so now you're including TE's and safeties....why don't we just throw in linebackers while we're at it?? Yes I stopped at nine because most guys are out of the league beyond that time. Your point was that the Cowboys are ignoring the position when in fact the Oline is getting just as much attention as every other position with the team, stop making it sound like they are ignoring that group because it's not factual.

    Shall I point out how many FA lineman the team has signed over the last ten years? Percentage of FA$ spent at that position vs every other position?
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    My Bad for not being more generic and saying Pass receiving and Pass defending.

    That better?

    You stopped at nine because it suited you argument even though I did say 18 years.

    And even only taking the last nine years the Cowboys have spent eight 1st, 2nd or 3rd round picks on WRs and CBs.

    Sure tell me how much the cowboys have spent on other people's rejects?

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