So one of the OKC news channels ran a story about internet sports sites..

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    and how so many guys were spending so much time at work on them.. they talked about how they would be on a site and looking over their shoulders for their bosses and would jump if someone knocked on their door, etc.. they focused on fantasy football, but they talked about it being all kinds of sports sites.. they said that on average, a typical worker spends 50 minutes per week on an internet sports site.. so i thought of and all of you guys.. i thought of the Hostiles and the abersoncs and the AdamJT13s and the Racks and the WoodysGirls and the Superpunks and the InmanRoshis and the HeavyHitta31s and the Juke99s.. anyways you get my point.. just thought it was funny that i saw a news story and it made me think of you guys..

    so it begs a good question or two.. how many minutes/hours do you think you spend at work each week on the Zone? and... are you jumpy and do you look over your shoulder so your boss doesn't catch you on the Zone?
  2. Duane

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    Some weeks it's 2 hrs a week and other times 10 hrs.

    I'm not jumpy because if they want to fire me and find someone to do what I do for my salary they can have at it.
  3. TEK2000

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    Too much time on Cowboys forums and YES.. I'm jumpy and have to keep peeking to see if my boss might be coming.
  4. bobtheflob

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    Unfortunately my cube is set up so that my back and the computer screen, are facing towards the entrance, so I always have to be on guard. It doesn't stop me from coming to this site 10 times a day though.
  5. Hostile

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    I'm not jumpy at all and I am logged on all during the work day but probably actually on the site less than an hour a day while at work. My boss knows about the site, reads here now and then, and knows on my breaks and lunch I will be on it. Better not to hide or try and be sneaky.
  6. LarryCanadian

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    Great thread. Hugely interesting and funny.

    Heck I work from home, and STILL feel guilty about the frequency and duration of time spent on this site in particular and sports sites in general.

    And.......believe it or not.......I jump up when my girlfriend comes in the room even though there isn't a naked woman or dirty joke to be seen on this site!

    It's ingrained from 5 plus years back when I did work in an office and snuck some time online. And whomever said they can fire me and try and replace what I do for the same salary was bang on. People need breaks.

    I'm not sure 50 minutes is too much or not though, but I'm guessing I average that yep. Then again lots of people work extra time and at home and don't get paid for that either, it's just part of job.

    Thanks for sharing the article.

  7. LaTunaNostra

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    I've never been able to spend even a minute of on-the-job time on this beloved (or any other) sports site.

    Luckily, a full time post-secondary teaching load is just 12 hours a week, so that makes for untold hours of so-called home-based 'research' that starts daily at the and ends at :)

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    no problem.. glad you are enjoying the thread, cause i am too.. kinda cool to see what everyone says about this and their personal stories.. and dude, thats hilarious about jumping up when your girlfriend walks in.. :D
  9. baj1dallas

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    I'm here all the time but I don't usually spend more than 20 minutes at a time other than lunch. Basically my job entails some waiting around on people and computers and when that's the case...well I'm coming here.
  10. Kangaroo

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    I very depending on how busy I am; since I do IT support it comes and goes I had weeks where I missed players being cut because I did not look at anything on the web that did not have a processor type error code or a software patch

    Then like today it is so dead I could take a nap and no one would see me
  11. godofwar

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    My desk and back of the monitor faces my office door. So I'm quick to minimize the window if someone official walks in the door.

    Some days I spend more time on the site than others. Lately, it seems I'm on here more than not. :)

    Drafting can get pretty boring and monotonous at times, so it's all I can do to stay off the site for more than thirty minutes at a time.
  12. superpunk

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    I have a job that is deadline and budget based. My mind goes insane if I have to look at design computations and plan sheets all day long. My employers know that I am on here and they really don't care. All my projects are done early, and I get more done than almost everyone (I have no idea what THEY'RE doing....). We even had a company crackdown recently about internet usage - inappropriate and too much, and about 5 other people were called in specifically to be reprimanded, but I wasn't mentioned. Sometimes I feel a little guilty. But the work gets done, my bilable rate is about 3 times what I make, and they're doing ok.
  13. roughneck266

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    I am the IT on this rig, so most of the guys here don't really have any idea what I am doing at any given time, and if they saw what I was doing they wouldn't understand it, so they kind of just don't bother.
    O and I have no conscience so I look around here anytime I want as long as we don't have anything broken nobody really cares. All the bosses here really concern themselves more with the drilling side of things.
  14. superpunk

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    What sort of firm do you draft for?
  15. godofwar

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    I work for a company that designs and fabricates industrial boilers.

    I draw general arrangement and fabrication drawings. There is quite a bit of detail involved, so I need a break from time to time.
  16. daboys79

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    Spend about 2 hours a week. I switch off the internet screen everytime i hear footsteps walking by.
  17. Jarv

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    Well, I have had a home based business the last few years and worked outta an outbuilding I built in my backyard. Recently I just contracted with IBM for onsite support for one of their clients.

    40 hours a freaking week in an office !!

    Of course being IT orientated I have a private room to secure the servers and spare desktops/laptops. Only my passkey can gain entrance.

    So, depending on my daily workload, I can spend 5 minutes to 2 hours a day on this site. Out of all of my internet browsing, this site is a good 80% of what I read. Which, is another question I guess, what percentage of your internet browsing is spent here ?
  18. bbgun

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    My company just installed some sort of software which monitors who goes where and for how long. Natch, porn is strictly outlawed, but sites like this and ESPN might not be far behind. The co-worker gabbing on the phone with her husband or girlfriends? Unaffected.
  19. InmanRoshi

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    My work is feast or famine. When its slow I can just stay at home as long as I got a pager on me in case of emergency. Its hard to get too paranoid about spending too much downtime on a football site when you can just look a cubicle over and see your boss playing Doom3 or Counterstrike.
  20. ravidubey

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    Off and on at work; though I work extra time to compensate. Lord knows I need my Cowboys fix!

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