Some late round/FA prospects the Boys have shown interest in:

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Mar 23, 2005.

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    I have recently learned about 4 sleepers the Boys have shown an extra bit of interest in, all of them seem to be likely 7th round picks, or undrafted rookie free agents:

    Colt Colletti, RB, Nicholls State... had 273 carries for 1517 yards over the course of his last 3 college seasons... that works out to a 5.5 yards per carry average, which is quite good (though we should factor in his level of competition)... the most negative stat I could find about the guy is that he has only caught one pass out of the backfield, in 3 years... he stands 5-9, weighs 216 pounds, and runs the 40 in a hair under 4.5 seconds...

    Neal Philpot, TD, Pittsburg State... an option QB in college, Philpot does not have the passing skills to make it in the NFL... however, he does have nice size (6-6, 255 pounds) and runs the 40 in 4.75 seconds, so some scouts are projecting him to TE... he's like a slower version of Matt Jones, and he gained 4337 yards rushing on 827 carries in his 4 year college career... scored 44TDs, too...

    Geir Gudmundsen, LOT, Albany... he stands 6-6, weighs 316 pounds, and wrestled collegiately... he is most known for his run blocking... no 40 time was available for him... the guy started 44 consecutive games for Albany...

    Kurt Campbell, OLB/S, Albany... stands 6-1, weighs 225 pounds, no 40 time available... a "rover" back in college, he has 19 career passes broken up, suggesting he has some cover skills...

    An interesting quartet that I just learned about, and I thought I'd share what I'd learned...
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    Where did you hear this?
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    I believe I heard recently that we were looking in to or having a visit with Sione Pouha DT... which was music to my ears. He's a hos. (haus or haas or whatever)

    325 lbs
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    He's a Hogzilla!
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    I would love to have Pouha rotating with Fergi...that would be a sweet rotation. I think Pouha can turn into a nice NT...he's a UTES baby...

    Also give me guard and we are good.
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    I think Neal Philpot is mostly projected as a FB. He was a great small college option QB, but he didn't measure up nearly as well as people thought he would during his Pro Day. 6-4, 245 lbs. Ran a 4.95 40-yard dash.

    As far as the OLT from Albany, looks like he has a Parcells tie. He is being trained by Billy Ard, who played under Parcells for 8 years with the Giants.

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    The Insiders section over at the Ranch Report... Roy cranked out a piece yesterday listing all the players that their "reporters" had uncovered that the Boys had been looking at...

    These were the only 4 names I hadn't heard before... however, Roy cited the sources for each report; for example, the Cowboys were one of only three teams to attend Colt's workout...

    Given that this was subscription material, it doesn't seem right sharing any more specifics than that...
  8. silverbear

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    The Boys worked out Pouha AND Chris Kemoeatu... must have been Polynesian Week out at Valley Ranch...

    I like both players, a lot... however, they're both certain to be off the board by the 4th round, 5th round at the latest, so they don't really qualify as "sleepers" to me...

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