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    Falcons want Vick to use arm, not feet

    In some respects, it's almost as if Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick was starting over.

    A year ago, Vick spent endless hours with quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson, working on his dropback mechanics. Then he lost almost the entire season with a broken leg sustained in an exhibition.

    Now Vick is working under Jim Mora Jr.'s new staff. Offensive coordinator Greg Knapp wants Vick to run less -- to protect his health -- and to be more accurate with his throws.

    Vick agrees on both points.

    "I want my completion percentage to be over 60 percent," he said. "I don't want to be running all day and taking the punishment I was taking in the past, because it was wear and tear, and we saw what happened last year in the preseason."

    Knapp said learning proper footwork was imperative.

    "Certain plays require certain dropback mechanics," he said.

    Decision-making must also become second-nature to Vick.

    "We do drills that force good decisions," Knapp said. "We praise a quarterback's decision to throw out of bounds, or run out rather than take a 10-yard sack. Hopefully that will carry over to Sundays."

    Vick completed 50 percent of his passes last season, and 54.9 percent in 2002. With Mora installing a West Coast offense that will feature short passes, Vick's 60 percent goal seems reasonable.

    New `Hogs' have nasty disposition

    The first time Joe Bugel coached Washington's offensive line (1981-88), he called his big guys "The Hogs." Bugel is back, and he has dubbed his new group "The Dirtbags."Apparently, the new nickname comes from the current linemen's nastier streak.

    "That's what we're playing like, dirtbags," Pro Bowl left tackle Chris Samuels said.

    According to right tackle Jon Jansen, the attitude developed when new coach Joe Gibbs threw out Steve Spurrier's Fun 'n' Gun passing attack in favor of a ground-based scheme.

    Henry convinced to be a volunteer

    Summer practices are called voluntary, but Bills running back Travis Henry learned it's wise not to take that term literally. Henry stayed away from the Bills' three-day workout at the end of May, but after coaxing from his teammates, he was back on the field the first and second weeks of June.

    "I got a couple of phone calls from a couple of key players on the team," Henry said. "That's really what it took for me."

    It wasn't like Henry, a former University of Tennessee star, was goofing off. He spent the last week of May working out in Orlando, Fla., with a personal trainer. He said flying back to Buffalo for practice would have disrupted his training schedule.

    Browns dealt with Couch cautiously

    While quarterback Tim Couch -- recently released by Cleveland and now with Green Bay -- remained in limbo after the Browns signed free agent Jeff Garcia in March, 19 veteran quarterbacks and one rookie (Drew Henson) changed teams.Why did Browns coach Butch Davis keep Couch hanging around for so long?

    Two reasons. First, projected backup Kelly Holcomb had shoulder surgery in February and only recently began throwing again. Second, Davis likely wanted AFC North rivals Baltimore and Pittsburgh to solidify their quarterback situations. Once the Ravens added Kordell Stewart and Pittsburgh gave a new contract to Tommy Maddox, Couch was turned loose.

    Quick hits

    • The Houston Texans signed first-round pick Jason Babin on Saturday. Babin, a defensive end at Western Michigan who is being switched to outside linebacker, is the first first-round pick to agree to terms.

    Financial details were not released, although the contract is for five years.

    Babin was the 27th selection, one ahead of Carolina's pick of cornerback Chris Gamble. Babin's signing could help Gamble's negotiations along, in that contracts for first-rounders often are "slotted," with a player getting a little less than the player taken before him and a little more than the one taken next.

    • Carolina cornerback Ricky Manning will speak today to the 2004 draft class at the NFL's Rookie Symposium in San Diego. Manning is part of a panel on the "Life as a Rookie."

    • Keep an eye on the Steelers' defense, which dropped from 50 sacks in 2002 to 35 last season. New defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, who ran the Pittsburgh defense in the mid-1990s, is back, and he brought a bushel of blitzes with him.

    • Green Bay's release of former quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch came shortly before the June training sessions. He played safety in the post-draft camp, but club officials had reservations about his toughness. Crouch might try quarterbacking in the CFL.

    • Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington welcomed safety Sean Taylor, a first-round draft pick, to the team by giving Taylor a shaving gel pie in the face last month. The gel, though, irritated Taylor's eyes so badly he had to sit out the next practice.

    Taylor, wearing wraparound sunglasses, declined comment. Arrington apologized.

    Reporting Dates

    Teams with two dates have rookies report first to training camp and veterans later. Key: J--July; A--August:

    AFC Location Date(s)
    Baltimore Westminster, Md. J29
    Buffalo Pittsford, N.Y. J31
    Cincinnati Georgetown, Ky. J30
    Cleveland Berea, Ohio J30
    Denver Englewood, Col. J27
    Houston Houston, Texas J30
    Indianapolis Terre Haute, Ind. A1
    Jacksonville Jacksonville, Fla. J30
    Kansas City River Falls, Wis. J28/29
    Miami Davie, Fla. J29/30
    New England Foxboro, Mass. J29
    N.Y. Jets Hempstead, N.Y. J29
    Oakland Napa, Calif. J29/30
    Pittsburgh Latrobe, Pa. J30
    San Diego Carson, Calif. J30
    Tennessee Nashville, Tenn. J30
    NFC Location Date(s)
    Arizona Flagstaff, Ariz. A1
    Atlanta Greenville, S.C. J27/28
    Carolina Spartanburg J30
    Chicago Bourbonnais, Ill. J27/28
    Dallas Oxnard, Calif. J30
    Detroit Allen Park, Mich. J30
    Green Bay DePere, Wis. J31/A1
    Minnesota Mankato, Minn. J30
    New Orleans Metairie, La. J29
    N.Y. Giants Albany, N.Y. J29
    Philadelphia Bethlehem, Pa. J27/30
    St. Louis Macomb, Ill. J27/28
    San Francisco Santa Clara, Calif. J29/30
    Seattle Cheney, Wash. A2
    Tampa Bay Buena Vista, Fla. J30
    Washington Ashburn, Va. J30
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    No comment.
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    That is hilarious. At least it was until I realized/remebered the Redskins drafted Taylor, he is definatly going to be another Rskin to look out for. Maybe the Boys can sneek some Barbasol Beard Buster out on the field?
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    I saw a link to a video of this on another board. Arrington is a moron. Taylor looked like he was in some serious pain.
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    Hopefully I will. Week 6 in Texas Sadium.
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    Gibbs & Bugel spell a return to a good skins team...
    Based on running the ball...

    It might take them a year to get real good but the times of Wash being a pushover are over...
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    reminds me of that scene in "Super Troopers" where they gelled that rookies whole body.... on the dvd version the guy said that it burned the hell out of him.
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    Talk about beautiful's waking up to read not one of yours, but one of theirs is in the can. Their tight end Ware just got arrested in Houston. Posted it on the NFL board.

    So much for Joe Gibbs instilling discipline.

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