Some Schedule Stats (Last 6 Games)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Future, Jan 1, 2006.

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    Opponents Record: 46-50
    Home Record: 2-1 (SD, DAL, NYG)
    Road Record: 3-0 (STL, ARZ, PHI)
    Against .500+ teams: 2-1
    Against .500- teams: 3-0
    Against .500+ teams home: 2-1
    Against .500+ teams road: 0-0

    Opponents Record: 52-44
    Home Record: 3-0 (DAL, PHI, KC)
    Road Record: 1-2 (SEA, WAS, OAK)
    Against .500+ teams: 2-2
    Against .500- teams: 2-0
    Against .500+ teams home: 2-0
    Against .500+ teams road: 0-2

    Opponents Record: 60-36 (1 losing record - STL)
    Home Record: 1-2 (DEN, KC, STL)
    Road Record: 1-2 (NYG, WAS, CAR)
    Against .500+ teams: 2-3
    Against .500- teams: 0-1
    Against .500+ teams home: 1-1
    Against .500+ teams road: 1-2

    My take:
    The giants earned the division and their trip to the playoffs, as much as I hate them, they beat the teams they had to. Their road record makes me think they wont do anything in the playoffs. They got lucky having 9 home games, and struggled on the road. Don't like their chances past the wild card.

    Washington's cupcake schedule after slumping to win their last 5 saved them. All of their road games were against teams that were a combined 17-31. The way they struggled against Philly, I don't see them going anywhere in the playoffs.

    Dallas, I guess they deserve to be 9-7. They split with good teams, and blew a game against a bad team tonite against STL. Of course having the hardest schedule, by far, of any of the teams in the NFC East didn't help. I thought we were a much better team than 9-7, but the way we played these last 6 against good teams, maybe we were just average this year.
  2. kingwhicker

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    I think Wash kicks TB's rears up and down the field all day, but they'll prob go down against Seattle.
  3. TunaFan33

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    Doesn't matter-we had an opportunity to make plays, but dropped the ball every time. We had 2 crucial divisional games last month, but came out completely unprepared.

    We could have played the Saints every week last month-and the results would have been identical.
  4. Broohaha

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    despite the 'cupcake' schedule down the stretch, the redskins still had the 2nd most difficult schedule in the NFL overall.
  5. SacredStar

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    yeah they did. :rolleyes:
  6. Bizwah

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    Don't tell me........Another "courageous" Skins fan?

    Where were you guys at the beginning of the year?
  7. Future

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    and were below .500 after losing to San Diego...

    the point in that was their road games were against weak opponents

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