Some Skins fans realization about Sean Taylor

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BigDFan5, Jan 15, 2006.

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    Well, there are some reasonable skins fans out there, although you wouldn't know Taylor is awful in coverage after watching him make a play on the ball on SEA opening drive in the end zone, followed by Moose and that other guy humping his leg for five minutes. Sheesh.
  4. Future

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    he should be good in coverage, he has all the physical tools

    his problem is that hes a moron
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    I like this respoonse..........

    "the reason receivers run free is that in a zone coverage a saety has to pick up the receiver and as I mentioned in several threads...... we don't have a safety who can cover.

    They are always looking for the ESPN hit of the week but they certainly fail to cover over and over and over."

    Reminds me of our situation at safety. :mad:
  7. jterrell

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    His problem like RW is that a 240 pound guy just isn't real quick and agile.

    He has great raw speed but getting it going and adjusting on the fly are not his strengths.

    And then like RW he looks to come up and deliver kill shots alot as well.

    But neither guy could play CB and a really good safety should be able to. Darren Woodson could play CB which is why he was so awesome at Safety. He manned up guys like Keyshawn Johsnon because he was our best Cb for a period of time.

    A SS that can play LB and CB.
  8. Brave

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    I think Taylor is just fine in coverage. Doesn't mean he's going to stop EVERYTHING. Sure, he's going to get beat, but he's incredibly fast and agile for a guy his size. He was ALL over the field yesterday.

    As stated by Future585, his biggest problem is that he's a moron. I'm a life long Skin fan, but there's no denying that.

    I find it tough having a guy like him on the team. He makes so many plays that you want to like him, but he's such a jerk and such a troublemaker that I find it difficult to cheer him on.

    It's a shame he can't take a cue from ... oh ... say maybe the late Walter Payton. It is possible to be immensely talented and not be an idiot.
  9. Tobal

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    I felt the same way when Sanders played for Dallas, great player, but I had hell cheering for the guy pulling some of the stunts he pulled, at least he didn't have the off field trouble Taylor likes to flirt with.
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    oh come on......Gibbs loves his blue collar, lunch pail, class acts but this day in the game you can't have all 53 be saints.....

    heck...Clark wasn't an angel.....neither was manly.....he'll grow up eventually....or he'll go to jail.......

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