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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Today's offenses are around 60/40 pass vs run. We had 58 offensive plays and 16 were rushes, 13 from the RBs. That's 28% rushing and 72% passes.

    That's 16 rushes for 37 yards. Romo had 2 for 3 yards, Murray 12 for 25, Williams 1 for -3 and Dunbar 1 for 12. So 13 for 32 for the RBs. Murray got 2 YPC. The first half rushing was better than the 2nd half.

    Kansas City had 25 for 114 and 60 of those were over the RDE on 7 rushes. We rushed over the RG 4 times and RT once. We didn't rush anywhere very well but the middle was less worse than the rest.

    I don't have the coaches film yet so I don't know what Romo was seeing although he saw enough blitzes to appear to back out of plays or run hot reads unsuccessfully. We didn't beat the blitz but once or twice and we didn't burn them.

    Romo was 30/42 298. His first pass was for 53 yds. Next pass he completed short right for 2 then they kicked a FG.

    Next drive: After a Murray 6 and 5 yd run deep left to Dez for 38 then short left for 5 then next pass 2 yds to Dez for TD.

    Next series two short incomplete.

    Next series deep to Dez called back PI. Next three completions over 10 then some short passes then punt.

    In the third on the first drive Romo was 6/6 with a deep pass but we got a FG due to a penalty and sack in the RZ for the most part.

    On the other third qtr drive Romo was 3/3 but we fumbled after the last pass.

    In the fourth he completed 3/3 then has a FF/sack. The next drive he was 4/4 then 0/3 and we got a FG. We got the ball back on the 4 at the end of the game and a short pass ended the game.

    Romo was 13 of 18 the first half and had a deep pass called back. He was 17 of 24 in the second half. Our passing YPA was 7.1 which is not dink and dunk but we definitely didn't throw the ball downfield as much as we should have IMO and again that should have been higher if we had beaten the blitz well enough.

    We had essentially five drives in the first half and five in the second where we fumbled twice. KC had 6 drives in the first half then five; the last rushing to run the clock out.

    They took our running game away and/or we couldn't block well enough. So we were forced to pass. That's not on Callahan or Romo. They also showed and/or blitzed well enough to beat our passing game after the first two scores which were back to back early. All that's not on Romo or Callahan but some sure is esp the no pass to Dez in the RZ.

    After the first two scores on the first two drives we went punt, punt, punt then took a knee. In the second half it was 13 plays for a FG then fumble, fumble, punt, FG then end of game.

    For KC it was TD, punt, punt, punt, punt, blocked FG in the first half. In the second half it was TD, FG, punt, punt, punt.

    The rush defense did well on Ware's side. They got most of their yardage up the middle and off RDE. They got 4.56 YPC so we didn't do well there and we couldn't stop them to get the ball back at the end of the game. So that's a fail. Selvie, Spencer and the LBs responsible as well as the CBs that side need to go to work. Tackling could improve.

    We gave up 6.2 YPA so we did ok with the pass and he was sacked 4 times. Their A/YPA was 5.5 which is good. Haven't looked at the game again so I don't know how many times we blitzed. By my eye we were ok but I thought we should have pass blitzed a tiny bit more and I'm not sure we run blitzed at all. Their blitz and blitz look was particularly effective. I blame Romo, Callahan, Garrett and the receivers for that. The OL gave up three sacks but two were in the RZ by Poe and those were on either Leary, Fred or both. So that sucked. Penalties in the RZ, lack of running game, poor play calls and execution and sacks at untimely times killed us in the RZ. The two fumbles in the second half stopped drives and forced the defense on the field. They were gassed on the last drive.

    I thought the play calling was poor primarily because we didn't make them pay for the blitz and we got scared out of plays with them showing blitz and backing off. KC called and executed a good defensive game. Romo and Callahan didn't take advantage of some mismatches. IMO Romo had problems throwing at the end of the game esp to the left. That's not unexpected since injections will wear off and I think it showed late in the game. There's enough things to work on and point out without beginning to think about making excuses for anyone including Romo.

    You can't turn the ball over twice with only ten possessions, commit untimely penalties, not run the ball well at all, make FGs instead of TDs and win particularly away from home.

    Look at the film coach and players then get on with game planning for the Rams.
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    Nice post. Sounds pretty spot on to me.
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    Better beat the Rams this week because I'm pegging the games against San Diego and Denver as losses....
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    Really? You?

    So surprised.
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    Good for you. But thats not the discussion here
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    Nice post. A few thoughts:

    What I don't like about our run game is absolute lack of commitment. Jamal Charles was actually having a worse game than Murray until the fourth quarter. When the fourth rolled around, Andy Reid stuck with his guy and it paid off. Andy Reid of all people! Charles and their running game won the game for them. It's called "commitment" to the running game for a reason. It means even when it isn't working perfect, you stick by it. We haven't been committed to the running game since Parcels left.

    That last drive where Romo was just flinging the ball after one step was just brutal to watch. Garrett was yelling at him to calm down. They were faking all out blitzes and Romo was totally believing it. You stay committed to the run game there, hit them with some draws, and that faking the all out blitz crap ends real quick.

    The game was mismanaged by Romo, Garrett and Callahan. They all deserve blame, equally.
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    If the refs would have called the hold on their TE, Jamal Charles wouldn't have done jack on that final drive.
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    He had more than one good run. This is erroneous.
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    Good post, this team definitely needs to run the ball more effectively in order to be successful. Cant put everything on Romo's shoulders and expect to win consistently. There needs to be a commitment to improving the run game and thats starts from the top down. That commitment needs to start on draft day, and not after week two. Until that happens its all talk.
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    i dont think this team is naturally a good running team. so if you just run the ball more, you're not going to like the results. we need to pass to setup the run. that means throw the ball downfield, in the middle of the field more. these linebackers are too comfortable playing us right now.
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    The refs were bad both ways.

    When's the last time anyone has seen a player practically suplex another guy by the facemask and not get flagged?

    The INT negating penalty was just as bad as the call on Morris, even though I have yet to see a good look at that flag. The play looked borderline questionable at the tail end but nothing on the front has been shown yet.
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    In the first half that really didn't look like PI on Dez. There was also a really obvious block in the back on Harris that didn't get called that gave them 15 or 20 more yards on our first punt.

    That field goal in the third quarter should have been a touchdown. Poe was unblocked on one play. Chalk that up to growing pains with our young line I guess. Everyone says Frederick is really smart, hopefully the engineer can use this game as a learning experience. I would love to see Randle get some chances in the red zone. He looked like he has a real nose for the goal line.

    That first fumble was a real momentum changer. Dunbar has outstanding quickness and I hope they don't give up on him but they need to work with him on ball security.

    I bet the shot they gave Tony wore off at the end of the game.
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    Yeah. I saw the block in the back. The Dez penalty was absolutely wrong. Not even close at all. Flowers was arm barring first and the whole time.
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    Good post, I agree with almost everything except for dink and dunk stuff, most of their throws seem very basic, a lot of slants and drags and check downs. Both games. They threw the ball down the field to Dez and Twill 1 time. They have to let Miles run some seems,double moves, 10-20 yard digs stuff like that because all Miles catches this year have been slants between 7-11 yards they have to get him more involved with more complex routes. Witten too, he's running a hook or a short out route and its becoming fairly easy to defend. Even on Witten 2 TDs he had defenders draped all over him and had to make good catches to make the play. I'm not saying they have to throw the ball 40+ yards down the field more than once or twice a game but it seems like its either a fade to Dez or a slant/drag for 5-10 yards for someone else. I'd like to see some more pass throw in the 15-20 yard range a lot more. It seems like we are getting predictable again with this very simplified offense. Hopefully I'm wrong but that just what I see after 2 games
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    Maybe we actually need a game or two where the D doenst get a turnover..........I get a sense that Callahan/ JG are playing it safe and close to the vest, depending on a t-over or 2 per game from Kiffens D, which he stated will generate t-overs. Dunbars fumble and Romo's hit from behind/fumble really hurt our chances.
    We need to win the turnover battle.............or take risk and open up the Offense..........risk/ reward is part of the NFL
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    We need to run and run with muscle. Jumbo packages, no cute stuff, simply I-formation, run between the center and guard behind the fullback and get at least 3 yards. None of this nonsense of DeMarco looking for a hole will running 7 yards laterally, run north and south and pick up 4 damn yards. THAT is what causes LB's and safeties to cheat up, and that is what opens up the big pass play.
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    They still don't trust the offensive line. We saw this last year. The play-book gets truncated when the heat is applied to the offense. It is something akin to post traumatic stress disorder. So basically the blame lies once again on an inept offense [Romo, Callahan, Garrett and receivers] that has a predilection for not adjusting in-game to crisis and disorder. Have we seen enough of this yet?
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    it wasn't the whole game but the two bad PI calls, that both went against Dallas, did alter the game pretty significantly. It still feels like even though we're actually a somewhat disciplined team we're still being watched and called like we were that undisciplined Wade team of 5 years ago.
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    Thanks for the game recap.

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