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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wolverine, Oct 11, 2005.

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    How many times have two backs ran for over 100 yards in the same game for Dallas? I recall Emmitt and Chris Warren back in 1998. But who else?

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    I watched Barber at Wisconsin. I know it's College vs Pros but this kid has ability. I saw it for myself. I think a few things have contributed to his lack of production, this season, but I also think he's got talent. Will it ever translate? I don't know. I do know, however, that he does have ability. I think you have to see what the rest of the year brings and also, another year in camp. Barber has solid foundation. He will get good advice and next year, he will better understand how to train for an NFL season. We will see what happens with him.
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    As you said that is college and we have all seen the Ron Dyane and other RB who had great college careers and did not do squat in the NFL. I'm not saying that will happen with Barber but one thing I have always noticed RB show their skills at the get go of their NFL careers because it is a position of reaction and vision. Barber needs to step it up and start showing some flashes because thus far he has shown nothing.

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    This debate is only interesting because JJ has not had any break out signature break out performances yet. It's unfortunate that JJ could not give fans that reassuring performance that was going to happen last Sunday if not for injury.
  5. Doomsday101

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    I think JJ is going to be fine. The guy is a very good back and I have no doubt he will have some big games this season.
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    What i really hate about these questions is the fact that you cry all day that half a season doesnt make JJ great, and that he has ot rpove he cna do this, and that he cal last a season, but yet we're sitting here saying if TT has ONE SINGLE good game, that he is ready to start, the he is ready to have defense key on stopping him, thaty he is ready to recongize and pick up blitzers, that he can chip guys. Give me a break, at the end of the season, if he puts up better numbers than JJ, and can do more as a RUNNING BACK, not a runner, than JJ, then i will change my mind untill then JJ is our starter, and one game will not change that.

    rant over
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    This response has completely won me over to your way of thinking. I can't believe I didn't see the light prior to this point. (Sarcasm off)

    What part of my post do you not agree with? The stats are FACT.

    It is my OPINION that our line is better this year than last. Maybe your opinion is different, but I'd guess Bledsoe would cast his vote for this year's o-line since he didn't get hit all day last Sunday.

    What part of my post do you disagree with?
  8. DallasDomination

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    Are you sure TT is stronger than JJ?
  9. dbair1967

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    really none of it, other than the yds per carry part, which is a fact

    the OL has more upside, but has not been very good run blocking to this point and the tape shows it...the C, RG and RT positions have not been very impressive in run blocking, and teams overload our left side alot looking for the runs there...there really havent been many holes for any of our backs to run through...too many plays teams are blowing our guys back into the backfield (especially in short yardage) teams are also overplaying the cut back lanes...

    the pass blocking has been far better, but pass blocking is easier to excel at than run blocking blocking requires more OL cohesiveness, the timing must be good in the trap and pull blocks to make this offense go, and right now it isnt there

  10. cowboyfan4life_mark

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    Just back from vacation, is JJ hurt??
  11. LaTunaNostra

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    Ankle sprain last week, Mark...word is, it's "high".

    Hope you had a good one.
  12. DeathToTheSkinS

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    Also, JJ has shown something u cant teach...Toughness. Parcells continued to feed him the ball over and over in all the games regardless of the stats, not to mention parcells is conservative. Plus, JJ was haveing a great day against the eagles b4 the injury, dnt loose faith in him yet fellas
  13. Kilyin

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    Tough or not, he's not going to play with a high sprained ankle. If he does, it's not going to be anywhere near full speed. I'm betting Purcells does the smart thing and gives him at least a week to heal.
  14. blindzebra

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    They are stats that you are interpreting, not facts.

    Jones also had 8 weeks without contact, so he was coming out fresh against defenses with 9+ weeks of wear and tear.

    He also was an unknown, so teams had very little game film on him.

    Basically he was like Hambrick...or any other back-up...spelling the starter, his YPC gets inflated by the two reasons above.

    And no I'm not saying Jones is Hambrick, but the expectations on him are through the roof. He's in the top ten, playing against very good run defenses that were obviously keying the run...check the passing stats as facts of teams keying the run.:D
  15. Martice

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    I don't think that most of us are saying that TT is ready to start anywhere but the fact is that he brings a certain skill set with him that people recognize quite quickly.

    Now blocking and all of the other extra stuff can be taught and learned. Now when TT learns to recognize the hole better, learn to wait for the holes to open up and prove that he can hold on to the ball it will be great to see him when he breaks free in the secondary.

    I too have been underwhelmed by JJ's performance and I am still waiting for him to be injury free so that we can see him play up to his potential. JJ was exciting last year to watch and is boring to watch this year. Is it the injuries? Is it the line? Is it the wrong play calling (no draw plays) or is it just the moon is not full? Whatever the reason has nothing to do with what TT can do and what he can become.

    Is he better than JJ at this point? Not in the all around game but TT has so little experience that it would be silly to compare. However, the more TT learns and grows, I think that he will show us even more ability than he has in the few games he has played.
  16. cowboyfan4life_mark

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    I did. Easy to do at Disney. :D

    What quarter was he injured or was it at the end? I thought that I saw something that he had something like 72yds for the game.
  17. C-BoysFaninMIA

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    honestly, TT is way faster than JJ. but, JJ is the better overall. he has vision, speed, power, and hole hitting ability comparable to none other than Emmitt Smith The Great
  18. Seven

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    Fumbles are fumbles. I saw them. They were on his way down which tells me his initial instinct is to break his fall with his hands. Loosens up his grip for a second. He scares me. This guy could lose a game for us.
  19. Kilyin

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    2nd quarter
  20. Natedawg44

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    I hope TT has a good game, but my god have we went overboard on this kid's potential. Simple thing is Franchise Running Backs don't go undrafted in this day and age. If he becomes a serviceable change of pace player that can occasionally be counted on to start and not fumble, thats all we can hope for.

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