Sonnen vs. Jones

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Hoofbite, Apr 27, 2013.

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    I hope it's an embarrassment for Sonnen. Not a quick knockout but just an extended whipping that ends in a highlight.

    I really can't stand Sonnen and it's not just because he talks so much. He's basically trying to bring the WWE into the UFC the way he acts and even more than that Dana White backs him on it.

    The guy's a very good fighter but he's it's just annoying to see a guy attempt to draw interest the way he does. I'm not even a big MMA fan to where I would be inundated with all the one liners but I've seen it everywhere.
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    I understand his promotion of himself. I get it. I don't always like what he says and I do beleive he goes overboard just to promote things and get people to watch.

    The thing is though...he gets people to watch. He makes people become interested in watching. It's mostly because they want to see him get his face kicked in but he sales tickets that way and that will always make him a draw to some degree.

    Now with 2 losses to Silva and now getting smashed by Jones he's likely going to find it very hard to get people to be behind the idea of him getting any fights with anymore of the top guys of the divisions but they'll find some quality fights for him and he'll get them sold on his mouth and antics alone.

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