Sooner's QB Thompson out with broken foot.

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by ABQCOWBOY, Aug 1, 2013.


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    Hate to hear that, .. WV plays OU the 2nd week of the season. ;)
  3. Aikbach

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    I thought Bell was always the favorite?
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    He is and was, but Thompson supposedly had a surprising amount of "it" factor.

    I don't keep up with OU that much, but from what I've heard, I think most people believe that even though Bell can throw the ball better than you think and isn't just the bulldozer type, he isn't the kind of guy to carry your team full time. So Thompson would've been a good change up,a quick athletic type who is also a lefty.

    Anyway, the Knight guy from San Antonio (IIRC?) is said to be really talented and probably the best of the bunch eventually, he's just young. But he might have earned a decent amount of playing time before, and really might now.
  5. Aikbach

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    My fear of Bell is sacking him, guy will be like trying to sack Bledsoe and Steve Young at the same time, taking on a tree.

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