Sopranos: Season 4

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by jem88, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Currently re-watching it with one more episode to go. For some reason, I'd always considered it a weaker season. However, after watching again, I have to say it's a killer of a season - the New Jersey - New York tension; Christopher's issues; Ralph Ciffaretto; and of course the marital problems.

    For me, it's far superior to season 3 (Pine Barrens notwithstanding.)

    What a great show. I recommend giving it another spin (we've started from the first season.) God bless HBO for giving us The Sopranos and The Wire!
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    It's fun going back and watching the first 4 seasons.

    You come to realize how good they were and how lackluster, for the most part, they became after. You also think...Holy Moly Tony Soprano got really fat. Now he was not skinny from the start but many alive Tony aka James really packed the pounds on during that series.
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    I heard Rampage appeared in a couple episodes
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    Well I would also include the fifth season as a classic. In fact, I rate it as the 3rd best after the first two. But the last two seasons (let's face it, they were two separate seasons - I can't stand how HBO divides seasons!) were way below par.
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    I still record the re-runs on A&E. I can't help but think I might catch up on an old episode I missed along the way.
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    I really liked Season 5, but cried when they killed Adrianna, that's how attached I was to that show. The last season, or season and a half, really blew. I grew up in Jersey so I got really attached to that show. Definitely a classic. :bow:

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