Sorry, I have to vent about Redskins fans . . .

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Midswat, Sep 12, 2004.

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    I was just skimming through some threads at Extremeskins and I'm amazed at how idiotic some of those guys are.

    Two things stick out for me in particular:

    -- Clinton had a great game, but Champ is also having a great game. This caused a Redskin fan to ask, probably for the 1,000,000 time who had the better trade. Naturally, all Redskins fans say they'd rather have Portis and do nothing but bash Bailey.

    Nevermind that when Bailey played for them, he was given Darrel Green like props.

    -- They are all wet like drunken prom dates over their week one victory. There is a thread where a poster talks about how they aren't worried about Dallas, and how Philadelphia is the only team that might challenge them for the division.

    But then another poster chimes in how they don't face the Eagles until latter in the season, when Gibbs will have the offense and defense perfected.

    You'd think they'd realize that the season is long, and not one game makes or breaks.

    I seem to remember an impressive Steve Spurrier opening win over the Cardinals in 2002. The Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys all lost that week. And Redskins fans were placing the divisional crown on their head that year too.

    Wouldn't they learn?

    Eagles fans are the loudest, rudest, most barbaric fans in the NFL . . . but Redskins fans are easily the most homeristic and ignorant fans in the league.
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    Here's to their 6-10 season.

    Wait until they play a divisional opponent.

    Gibbs has a lot to learn about today's NFL, and not from a bunch of has-been Floridans.
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    All this may be true.......but I respect the Skins fans more than any other fans in the NFC least I respect the team the most.

    If we had handled Minni we'd be saying the same type of stuff.

    Of course, I do have to point out they were playing at home, against a poor team with a poor offense, and barely won.
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    Question... were those all posts from Art?
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    Honestly, both teams got the good end of that deal. Washington improved their ground game ten-fold, and still has some solid corner play despite it not being at last year's level. Likewise, Denver's secondary is much improved, and their running game is still pretty good.

    The fact Washington threw in a second-rounder favors Denver, but Washington got a bigger impact player out of the deal so it figures they'd have to give up a little more.
  6. LatinG187

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    I'll toast to that. ;)
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    HAHAHAHA... I was just thinking the SAME THING... Art is probably the biggest homer I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Guy would probably talk smack about his own kids when they leave home.


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    You really Love us deep down inside ...don't you? :D You D'Cowboy fans are so warm hearted :rolleyes:

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