Sounds like Lovie Smith is in trouble

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Chief, Dec 20, 2009.

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    He'll make some team a fine 4-3 defensive coordinator next year.

    BALTIMORE -- Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo on Sunday said the fate of coach Lovie Smith has not yet been decided.

    Before the game against the Ravens, Angelo shot down a report from Comcast SportsNet/Chicago on Friday that cited unnamed sources saying Smith would return for the next to last year of his contract in 2010.

    A review of Smith will be conducted after the Bears finish the season against Minnesota and Detroit.

    "At the end of the year, we sit down, we talk," Angelo said.

    After the Bears' 31-7 loss to Baltimore, Smith said he didn't expect any resolution to his contractual situation during the remainder of the regular season. The Bears close out the season with a home game against Minnesota and a road game at Detroit.

    "What's a vote of confidence at this time? ... You don't talk about things like that during the year," Smith said. "[We're] disappointed in our play, disappointed in our record. I'm the head football coach, so I'm sure a lot of people aren't knocking down the door wanting to pat me on the back."

    The Bears owe Smith $11 million for the next two seasons. Angelo said the remainder of Smith's contract will have no impact on decisions the team makes.

    "It's not about money, it's about doing what we feel we need to do to be a better football team," Angelo said.

    Angelo also said the injury suffered by Pro Bowl middle linebacker Brian Urlacher in the season's first game would not be a factor in any decisions that will be made about Smith.

    "I'm not going to blame injuries on our season," Angelo said. "For the most part we stayed pretty healthy. Losing Urlacher right at the beginning [was big], but we were able to overcome that.

    "Like I said, injuries are a part of the game. If you have a rash of injuries that's one thing. We never really had a rash of injuries."

    Among things Angelo said he will talk to Smith about is the decision to act both as defensive coordinator and head coach this season.

    "Things didn't come together like we wanted and there are a lot of reasons why," Angelo said. "It's not just any one thing and he may bring that [dual role] up, I don't know.

    "All this is premature, but we could get a real laundry list of things that didn't go quite the way we wanted them to go this year."

    Quarterback Jay Cutler, who has thrown an NFL-high 25 interceptions, said players are aware of the uncertainty surrounding Smith and his coaching staff.

    "That's how it goes. You're never safe in this league, especially when you're losing ballgames, when you're not playing to the level you're expected to. ... That comes with the territory," Cutler said.

    Angelo said winning and playing well in the final games will be important in the decision process.

    "We need to get a win, that's very important right now," Angelo said. "And I feel like we've been competitive, we just haven't been able to win -- and that's the bottom line in our business as we all know."

    If Smith is retained, he'll have full ability to make a change in assistant coaches. The Bears have struggled on offense this season and the job security of offensive coordinator Ron Turner has come under scrutiny in recent weeks.

    "I'm evaluating myself too," Angelo said. "But I do know this: We all share into what happened this year. I'm not going to sit here and put blame on any one thing.

    "When we sit down and visit and I talk to ownership as well as the coaches, our personnel people, it will be an organizational decision on what we do going forward on everything."

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    The problem in Chicago is Jerry Angelo. Unfortunately Lovie made the mistake of supporting the guy and now that things are rearing their ugly head it's Lovie that gets fired while Angelo goes unscathed. Wouldn't be surprised if Lovie actually lands a HC job if he gets fired. His record is pretty solid and has a Super Bowl appearance with Rex freaking Grossman as his QB.

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    Too bad, I've always liked him.
  4. Chief

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    Me too.

    Lots of things have gone wrong up there. Ron Turner has really struggled, I thought. Some sub-par drafts. Cutler is a turnover machine. Receivers suck. Urlacher out for the year. Tommie Harris hurt off and on.

    I've never liked that GM.

    Lovie will land on his feet though.
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    the problem in chicago is they cant run, cutler throws too many ints, and the defense is only a shell of the unit that carried them to the SB.
  6. Biggems

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    what if the Bears fired Lovie and hired Shanahan......reuniting him with Cutler? I think the Bears offense would instantly come to life. Of couse the D would struggle, unless they got a quality DC.
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    I doubt it. Cutler still is going to throw a lot of interceptions. When have Shanahan and Cutler lit it up anyway.
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    Would Jerry be interested in Lovie?
  9. Idgit

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    The QB throws 25 picks, and the head coach gets fired. Makes sense to me.
  10. jimmy40

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    the Bears sucking is not new to this year.
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    I don't like him as a head coach unless he's a CEO type surround by two great coordinators, but Lovie is a Dallas guy and a lifelong Cowboys fan. If he can't get a HC coach somewhere, I hope he's open to coming to Dallas as some sort of defensive capacity. Since we're probably letting Spears walk in the offseason, I've been wondering if it wouldn't make more sense to just convert to a Tampa 4-3 and utlize Ware in an overshifted 9 tech and Ratliff in a 3 tech in the offseason.
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    That Bears OL is absolutely horrendous (their WR is nothing to write home about either), and after all their trades with Cutler and Gaines Adams they don't have the draft picks to retool it. Also the defense is starting to fall apart ... Tommie Harris looks like his knees are about shot, Urlacher 31 battling injuries and a shell of his former self from an athletic standpoint, Ogunleye is 32 and a free agent after this year. Again, they don't have any draft picks to rebuild it either.

    I think it would actually be a good thing for Lovie to get fired this year and start rebuilding his career somewhere else than stick around on that Titanic in Chicago.
  13. Chief

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    I've wondered about that myself. I knew Lovie Smith is from Big Sandy.

    And some of the best defensive coordinators in the NFL are guys who had a shot as head coach, and it didn't pan out. They go back to being a defensive coordinator and find their niche.

    JJT said a few weeks ago that Spears will be back.

    But I do see some 4-3 talent in Dallas. Ware could be RDE, Ratliff is a natural DT, and Spears could play DT or LDE on the strong side. Olshansky could play wherever Spears doesn't play. Bowen also seems versatile enough to handle DT or LDE.

    I think Spencer could play strong side OLB. Not sure about the middle or the weak side. Maybe Carpenter fits as a weak side guy.

    I would be surprised to see Dallas go back to a 4-3, though. It seems like the trend is more teams going to a 3-4, and the Cowboys are playing it pretty well right now.
  14. Cochese

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    Im pretty sure that the tampa 2 is obsolete in modern football. I dont think Lovie is that good of a coach, but he is getting hung out to dry by Angelo. Gaines Adams sucks, Tommy Harris will never recover from his injury, the line is a joke on both sides of the ball and the recievers are atrocious. Oh, and their safety situation is pathetic. They turned a hall of fame kick returner into a mediocre wide out. They are screwed for now and for the next few years.

    I hope they keep Lovie, leave the best coaching candidates on the market.

    What happened to Nathan Vasher
  15. InmanRoshi

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    Which means it will be all the rage in 24 months.
  16. InmanRoshi

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    Might be hard to make the switch this offseason if there isn't a CBA agreement in place because free agents wouldn't be able to be aquired as easily. There's a bumper crop of 4-3 UFA linebackers this year .. DeMarco Ryans, Thomas Howard, Barrett Ruud, Derrick Johnson, Thomas Davis, Gary Bracken, Karlos Dansby, Clint Ingram ...and I assume we would need a couple of them to transition. I like our line just fine in a 4-3, but the LBs corps would need an injection of speed.

    But assuming Garrett gets the HC gig, we're going to need a defensive coodinator ... and I hope for all that is good and righteous in the world it isn't The Poodle.

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