Source tells cwatkins Cowboys probably won't trade Jenkins unless they get value

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Duane

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    Albert Breer made the point that if Jenkins plays well this year that he'll fetch a comp pick in next year's draft. So you don't want to give him away for nothing.
  2. fanfromvirginia

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    I wouldn't do it for a 4th alone but if that 4th were the difference somehow between us getting either Konz or Glenn or not then I think I would.
  3. noletime95

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    The Cowboys also have to account for the compensatory pick Jenkins will bring for next years addition to have another quality CB for next year.

    I'm not sure if I would deal him for less than a 2nd.....I expect he'll comand a good size contract and bring a 3rd-4th rounder next year anyway.
  4. Yuma Cactus

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    Unless someone offers a 2nd or a 3rd + 4th then keep him around. If he plays good throw the franchise tag on him and see if you can trade him, if not let him walk and take your supplemental.
  5. johnnyd

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    agreed and a seasons full of "business decisions"
  6. brooksey1

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    At this point just keep him for his contract year, he will probably play well if healthy, then we can look at the finances and dynamics that were produced with those three cb's. Maybe we re-sign him and move Scandricks contract.

    I like the idea of having 3 starting corners. God forbid if we pick up a FS who can also play man and disrupt the wr's off the line.

    Maybe we turn Bruce Carter into a blitz machine?
  7. Idgit

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    I came into this thread just to mock Watkins on that very point. But then I saw the body actually said 'significant value' and I was like, oh, that *is* revolutionary. :)
  8. Gaede

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    I'd trade him for a 3rd or high 4th
  9. btcutter

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    Jenkins isn't stupid.

    He'll probably play his best this year since he has seen what a productive year will do for his wallet when he becomes a FA.

    We should use that as a motivation for Jenkins....we will have three very good CBs. We have the option to trade him mid season for a 2nd rounder or get a 3rd round comp pick.

    No need to be desperate and get less.
  10. stasheroo

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    Pretty much where I am, if Jenkins and a 4th rounder gets me the player I want - say Peter Konz - I would do it.

    If not, keep the great depth for 2012.

    After all, it is a passing league.
  11. unionjack8

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    not sure why there's this clamour to get rid of a pro bowl cb.

    For a 2nd even its not worth it. Hell let him play the year out and go sign a big free agent contract and get a comp pick down the line.

    CB is now THE strength of this team, lets keep it that way shall we?
  12. fanfromvirginia

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    Werder just confirmed that they're shopping him around but don't expect to trade him unless they get a really good offer because he's cheap and they like the depth. So, basically, he ain't going anywhere.
  13. casmith07

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    I would take a 4th rounder and not look back.

    Phillip Blake, Ryan Broyles come on down.
  14. StanleySpadowski

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    If that's what Werder said, expect the exact opposite.

    For someone with alleged "sources", I don't think anyone could have been more wrong about more things than Special Ed.
  15. CowboyMcCoy

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    If they play this right, they should dangle him out there but don't set the hook. His value will only go up at this point. I want to hold my cards on Jenkins though. I'm not sure why we're in such a hurry to dump him.
  16. CowboyMcCoy

    CowboyMcCoy Business is a Boomin

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    I'm having a hard time with this. The liquor store clerk really does have a crystal ball.
  17. jblaze2004

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    ill take the 4th rounder and maybe a fifth rounder this or next year. Then take that 4th and package it with a 3rd to move into round we won't have a 3rd rounder sooooooo idk.
  18. SDogo

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    4th and a 3rd wont get you into the 2nd.

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