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    For those who aren't aware of it, Sowell is black.
    Polls and Pols
    by Thomas Sowell

    It may seem hardly worthwhile going to the polls to vote this election year, since ACORN and the media have already decided that Barack Obama is to be the next President of the United States.

    Still, it may take more than voter fraud and media spin to put Senator Obama in the White House. Most public opinion polls show Obama ahead, but not usually by decisive margins, and sometimes by a difference within the margin of error.

    There has been a history of various polls over the years projecting bigger votes for the Democrats' presidential candidate in October than that candidate actually gets in November.

    Some of these polls seem like they are not trying to report facts but to create an impression. One poll has been reported as using a sample consisting of 280 Republicans and 420 Democrats. No wonder Obama leads in a poll like that.

    Pollsters have to protect their reputations but they can do that by playing it straight on their last poll before election day, after having created an impression earlier that a landslide for the Democratic candidate was all but a done deal.

    The general media bias is more blatant than usual this year.

    There was more media outcry about Sarah Palin's response to "gotcha" questions than to Joe Biden's talking about President Franklin D. Roosevelt going on television in 1929 after the stock market crash— at a time when FDR was not yet president and there was no television to go on.

    An editor at Time magazine has admitted that there has been bias but expressed a desire in the future to be more fair to both sides. Just the fact that he expresses the issue this way shows that he still doesn't understand the real problem.

    The point is not to be "fair" to "both sides." The point is to be straight with the readers, who are buying the magazine to learn something about the facts of the real world, not to learn about its reporters' ideology and spin.

    There is another factor at work in this year's election that makes polls and predictions more unreliable than usual. That factor is race.

    Barack Obama's string of victories in early Democratic primaries against far better known white candidates shows that large segments of the American population have moved beyond race.

    It is Barack Obama and his supporters who have hyped race, after his large lead in the polls began to shrink or evaporate, as more of the facts about his checkered career came out.

    Almost any criticism of Obama has been equated with racism, even if there is no connection that can be seen under a microscope.

    Barack Obama himself started this trend when he warned that his opponents were going to try to scare the public with various charges, including a statement, "And did I say he was black?"

    McCain said no such thing.
    Palin said no such thing. But those who support Obama— and this includes much of the media— are acting as if they just know that this is the underlying message.

    Congressman John Lewis has likened Senator McCain to George Wallace. Congressman John Murtha has condemned a whole section of the state of Pennsylvania as "racists" because they seem reluctant to jump on the Obama bandwagon.

    Senator Harry Reid has claimed that linking Obama to deposed and disgraced Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines is racist, since they are both black— as if the financial and political connection between the two does not exist.

    Much is being made of the fact that, in past elections, some white voters who told pollsters that they are going to vote for a black candidate did not in fact do so, so that a black candidate with a lead in the polls ended up losing on election day.

    This is supposed to show how much covert racism there is. It might instead show that people don't want to be considered racists by pollsters because they are leaning toward someone other than the black candidate.

    In other words, the media themselves helped create the charged atmosphere in which some people give misleading answers to pollsters to avoid being stigmatized.

    All in all, going into the voting booth this year is not an exercise in futility for those who don't want to be bum's rushed into voting for Obama by the media's picture of a done deal. If nothing else, genuine voters can offset some of the thousands of fictitious voters registered by ACORN.
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    Sorry guys. If I would have caught it earlier I would have addressed it earlier.

    However it has been addressed now.
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    The guy is still wrong and I stand by what I said.
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    of course you do
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    And he is also a Neocon blowhard. Check out a collection of his oped pieces sometime. Party line guy mostly, a think tank creation.
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    Of course you do... and it had heavy racial overtones...

    I doubt anyone that reads your work around here is surprised by your affirmation...
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    And those were?

    My work, LOL. This is a message board. Anyone who calls this board 'work'(which apparently you do) needs to take a long look at themselves.

    The problem with you is you take yourself to seriously on this message board and think you know everything there is to know. I have seen your 'work' on here and it isn't very good.
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    So of course any black man daring to oppose Obama is attacked by the libs at once= even here.
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    There are LIBS here?! :eek:
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    Your work is well documented here... you are very accusatory and when you are called to the carpet... you run and hide for a couple of days, then spew your racist/bigoted rhetoric in another thread...

    You, sir, are a bigot... deal with it...

    Being that brainpaint chose to delete your original post (and I didn't so all could see the bigot you are), I won't reveal it... but basically you said he wasn't black enough as he is way too caramel colored... or wearing black face...

    Anyone that knows me KNOWS I never take myself seriously... I am the most cynical poster on this board...

    I invite you to tell my wife's family I am a bigot... as I am married to a minority...

    YOU, on the other hand are accusatory and a board JOKE (we laugh at you in PM's... yes we do)... I have asked you repeatedly, to your own accusations, to provide me with proof I am a racist in my posts.

    A big bag of nothing follows...

    You have accused me of such, many times, but have provided NOTHING... You ducked out for a few days and when proven foolish, you go in to hiding... you then reared your ugly head again later to cast more jibberish with nothing to back it up...

    You, sir, are a bigot... the proof is in your posts... I'll see you in a couple of days posting in another thread and acting like this never happened... :rolleyes:
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    :laugh1: You are funny. You don't know anything about me. Get a life.
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    What I DO know... is that you are a bigot... it's in all your posts...

    Now.. show me evidence where I was a bigot... see you in another thread in a couple of days... :rolleyes:

    You OBVIOUSLY are a bigot...

    If you think not... let's work it out...

    You don't have a good history here... but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt...

    If you would prefer me in blackface... well... I can't help you out... I don't do that...

    I guess you are okay with Ted Danson in blackface... he is a liberal after all...

    On the side... provide me with a link for me being racist...

    I think the sooner you admit you are a racist/bigot... the better for your psyche...

    Liberals can be racist... you prove that point...

    I am still waiting on that link (for over a week now... you got all accusatory then just left). On an aside... many ask you questions and you disappear. You are VERY accusatory, then when challenged. You are nowhere to be found...

    I've decided, in a service to this board, to follow you around and question your intellectual honesty...

    Before I do, why have you nevered answered what you accuse me of...

    I have no history of racism/bigotry... you CERTAINLY do...

    I am waiting on some links...

    I am married to a minority... prove to me you aren't racist... the ball is in your court...
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    As the first person to reply to this obvious racist I agree with trick. I have NEVER seen trick say ANYTHING that would be considered racist. Yet this boy comes in and trashes Sowell, saying he isnt black enough just looks like he has a dark tan or maybe wearing blackface. Pure bigotry as trick said. Now the Coward weont even own up to his accusations
  14. trickblue

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    To be honest... he is backed in to a corner...

    He will come out, fists swinging, but his explanation will be just bull****...

    As Danny said earlier... he posts turds and never comes back to offer an explanation...

    He is a a bigot troll through and through... he is no better that David Duke...
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    Ought to be banned.
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    Here I go again, letting myself be smoked out from lurkdom, but when you attack my friends, I get pissed...

    Trickblue is a friend of mine, I think the world of him, and he is most assuredly NOT any kind of a bigot... we pick on each other about our polar opposite politics, but he's a fundamentally good man...

    Meanwhile, bootsy, you and I agree on a lot of things political, but sadly, I can't say with a clear conscience that you strike me as a fundamentally good man...

    I'd suggest that if this is the way bootsy wants to play the game, a banning is in order... I figured if it was one of the righties in here saying that, the screams of "censorship" would be long and loud, but of course anybody who's read this forum for a while knows that I'm not a rightie...

    Boot bootsy...
  17. silverbear

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    Hey, burm, you and I agree on SOMETHING...

    Is that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?? :D
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    You make a lot of assumptions don't you. Like I said you don't know anything about me and I want to keep it that way.

    I do find it funny when people like you try to justify yourself by saying things like 'I am married to a minority' or 'I have a lot of <insert race" friends'. If you are married to that person why are they a minority? Why are they a minority in the first place?

    You want me to prove to you that I am not a racist.:laugh2: What do want me to find all of my teachers, relatives, ex girlfriends, etc and have them post on here. This is too funny and this was blown way out of proportion but I will let you and others make your accusations.
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    I am a good man not that I need to justify that to you. I was just describing what the guy look like to me. A man that looked like he was painted as a black man with scary looking eyes just scary, unnatural looking in general. Something doesn't look right about the guy. What is wrong with that? I would say that about anybody of any race if they looked like that. I have heard worse on Rush Limbaugh(who some people on here think is the end all and be all) or Howard Stern. Seen worse on this board. Calling people hypocrites and whatnot but sense it was me then all chaos breaks loose.
  20. trickblue

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    Again... we can only go by your pathetic posting habits and they are frequently racial or bigoted...

    It's been said many times before, you drop in... make outrageous statements then never answer for them. You just drop in on other threads, make a dumb post, then sit back cross your arms and nod to yourself in approval...

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