News: Spagnola: They All Have Something To Worry About

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    Mickey Spagnola Columnist

    IRVING, Texas – So with the season opener now just 11 weeks away, you still have concerns about these Dallas Cowboys. Seem to hear about them all the time.

    But take solace. There likely isn’t a perfect team in the National Football League this time of year. They all have something to worry about.
    Think the New England Patriots aren’t worried about their tight end position, what with Gronk having back surgery this week to repair a herniated disk and Aaron Hernandez being accused of destroying his cell phone and home surveillance equipment, along with having his house totally cleaned, in the midst of a murder investigation of an acquaintance found in a field not far from his house?

    Think the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t worried about going to training camp with five quarterbacks on their roster but not knowing just who the starter is going to be?

    Think the Redskins aren’t worried Robert Griffin III won’t be ready for the start of the season after having surgery to repair his torn ACL?

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    Let me be one of the firsts on the new board to say "Thanks, WG!"
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    I like Spags, but he's pointing out the obvious - in that this is a parity league, so every team enters every new year with many questions to answer.

    The one think I like about Dallas this year is that we adressed our issues going into training camp. Time will tell if they were adressed correctly, but at least all were addresed.
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    Considering RG3 didn't tear his ACL, I'm gonna say "no".
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    I dunno - the fact that a few other teams have some problems doesn't make me feel any better about our OL or running game. Worry about yourself I say. .02
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    I'm happy everyone else has problems, too. I feel so much better now. :cool:
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    Rite he only partially tore his ACL (twice) and LCL, there is no need to worry. :rolleyes:

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