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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Tass, Aug 5, 2004.

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    yes, please recap. I can't listen right now.
  4. Tass

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    Says he knew it was marijuana

    They didn't want the Cowboys QB to be the only NFL QB to be in trouble for drugs

    They didn't want to risk $$$ and their future on a drug problem QB

    Says the Boys were NOT looking for an excuse to release him

    Parcells knows this move doesn't help them for this year

    Says QB position has to be the most trustworthy position...judged differently than LBs and WRs

    Going to go with the QBs they have

    Might look for a vet QB at the end of preseason cuts

    Thinks our season is a loss. (Jerk!)

    They don't want to throw Drew to the wolves. Hutch never recovered.
  5. Tass

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    Clarification: Mickey is saying our season is a loss, not the Dallas organization.
  6. calico

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    Thanks for posting.

    Interesting stuff.

    The season a loss? Come on Spags, only time will tell.
  7. Champsheart

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    Parcells has set him self up to be a genius again.
    If Dallas makes the Playoffs again it will just be another notch in his belt.
    Everyone in the media thinks we are done.
    If we do it with Vinnie all you will hear is about how Parcells is a genius.
    I actually think everyone is under estimating his ability to know how to put Vinnie in the exact right situations. If there is anyone on this planet who will know how to use vets like KEY, Vinnie, and George it is Parcells.
    I just hope by seasons end the media is all over Parcells jock again.
  8. blindzebra

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    If our season is lost, that's all the more reason to get Drew and Tony playing time, otherwise we enter next year in the same boat.
  9. Tass

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    I called in to the host (who is a Dallas hater). He was crowing about how our season was over. I said:

    "You act like we lost Bret Favre or something! We won despite Q last year, not because of him."

    He then said Philly got better, Washington got better, NY got better, and we got worse. He cut me off before I could reply (!) and THEN he acted like it was ME who hung up on the air! What a jerk!
  10. calico

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    most of the media thought our season was done with Carter.
  11. calico

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    LMAO!! that is a riot. Washington might be better but NY will not be this season.

    God, everyone overlooks the Cowboys.
  12. Shaun

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    Washington and New York may have improved, but they were far behind in the first place. I don't think they have caught up.
  13. Cheap Shot Artist

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    No kidding...all Vinny did in his last full season under Parcells was throw 29 TD's 7 INTS' , a completion percentage of 62 and lead his team to the AFC championship game

    Now, we have offensive personnel thats eerily similar to the '98 Jets, and we have a #1 defense thats been improved

    Nice call Pricky...
  14. davidyee

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    BP's problem is not these vets themselves, but rather if they can play up to the physical ability required to be successful in this league. The issue won't be whether BP calls the right play, its whether Vinny can make the throw fast enough or shake off the big hit, George can cut back hard enough and Key can run down the bomb or outjump the defender. It's more about the age and diminishing physical skills. Let's hope they haven't diminished that much.
  15. big dog cowboy

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    People underestimating the Cowboys again.

    They never learn. :D
  16. LesPaul

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    Hopefully other teams will do the same.
  17. jobberone

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    We have a 41 yo QB. Con. He's strong and hasn't played a lot in the last few years so a little pro here. We have no back up for a 41 yo QB. Con. Big one. The big one. Vinnie has experience, knows the game and the offense and Parcells. He knows how to play. Pro. Can he still do it?

    We have no real RB. George can grind. George probably can't stay healthy. Lee and Jones better step up. Big question mark number two.

    The left side of the OL can play. Can Allen stay healthy? The center is a rookie. The RG is an unknown and the RT has no name yet. We have depth.

    The WRs are fine.

    The TEs are fine.

    The defense is ok if we can get a starting CB and avoid injury to whomever that is on the right and Newman plays as expected. We have some depth. Maybe.

    LBs and DL is ok. Do we have a pass rush?

    Safety was great until Woodson showed his age. This is why you don't depend on old players to play all season. Dixon and Davis and ??? better play.

    This is a lot of ifs.

    But all that's changed is we lost our starting QB. Is that enough to throw the towel in???

    We are still anywhere from a playoff contender to playoff team. Our chance at a SB went from longshot to way way longshot.

    We'll get by with a little help from our friends.
  18. Bluefin

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    What do you mean?

    It is the '98 Jets.
  19. SuspectCorner

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    those vinny stats are from five years ago. clearly this situation will have a negative impact on the offense's ability. they have already condensed the playbook for vinny. who's wearing blinders now?
  20. SuspectCorner

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    give me a break. reality check... what has the team done over the last seven years that has them magically bullet-proof in your book?

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