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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Falcon, May 21, 2004.

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    Twice this week Mickey Spagnola has been asked by BAD radio on the Ticket as to if unused cap money can be carried over to the next year. We all know from ADAMJT and by observing activity in previous years, that while you cannot just carry over unused money, you can put late season incentives on specifice contracts, use up the cap and get them rebated next year when the were not earned. Mickey does not seem to know this.

    Is anyone surprised that Adam and most of us know more than Mickey?
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    When it comes to the cap, Adam is the only one that I beleive.
  3. HTownCowboysFan

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    I've heard heard Mickey's explanation of the cap, and Mickey made no such assertation.

    What is funny is the fact that many think they know more regarding The Cowboys than Mickey.

    The Mick is a double edge sword. He get's blasted for being a "homer," yet he also hammered for being a "hater." It is one or the other in regards to Spagnola.
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    I can't remember where or even if I saw it but I seem to remember an article where he addressed this.

    Besides it's common knowledge some contracts get loaded with cap money for incentives likely to be earned which aren't and get dumped back in. It's usually chicken scratch altho it oftens helps somewhere.

    I challenge this board to talk football and stop with direct and indirect attacks on people. Who cares about speculation? I read all I can on and off the board knowing most of it's rumor, speculation, or whatever tag you wish to label it with. Some is well written or spoken and most is well meant. Others are worthless but entertaining reading, listening or watching at worst.

    So who will be the surprise player of camp? Never mind, since it's mostly all speculation until it happens anyway, I'll post it as a new thread.
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    Impossible to argue with that.
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    I do not hate Spags, I enjoy the Ranch report and any info I can get on the Cowboys, but the lack of knowlege apalls me at times. Mickey said directly that there was no way to carry cap $ to the next year other than extending contracts of plays due to become FA (like Ellis last year). Many teams have utilized the loophole we have all discussed including the Cowboys. For Spags to not be aware of this is inexcusable for an insider like him. Maybe he has been instructed to keep quiet about this, but I see no point in that.

    I am not trying to get in an argument over this, it is a small thing. Maybe I am just anxious for more action re the Boys.

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