Speaking of monikers given to players...

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by 5Stars, May 25, 2006.

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    This was one of the designs given to Terence from myself.

    The design was created by Silver_star, who is a member of this forum, and a moderator at another forum. I have another one designed by Hoods, but I cant find it. I'll post it when I do.

  2. 5Stars

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    That's a cool pic, Calico...and when Parcells say that "you cannot rattle him", you know he has turned into a Tuna Helper kind of player...

  3. needforspeed

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    How 'bout......

    Lionel James=Little Train

    Audra Thompson=Suitcase

    Tim Dwight=Dwight Lightning

    And surely there are some great nicknames for Willie Blade and Najah Davenport:)
  4. 5Stars

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    I have never, ever, heard those!

    Wasn't Lionel James a singer? :eek: He has a daughter on a TV show with skinny little blonde rich girl, Paris Hilton?

    I thnk Willie Blade was called "Stinky"...

  5. needforspeed

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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
  6. Yeagermeister

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    Please tell me you are kidding......Lionel Ritchie
  7. 5Stars

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    Well, no, I was serious! Ok, then, who does Lionel James sing for?
  8. Yeagermeister

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    Beats me
  9. cowboyeric8

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    Moose, is easily my favorite
  10. big dog cowboy

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    Forgive me if I missed this being mentioned. One of my favorite nicknames was the one given to our very own Tony Dorsett. Doesn't anyone remember "Hawkeye"??? For the record, Manster still rules BTW.
  11. Mentos

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    Walter (Sneeze) Achiu
    Lance (Bambi) Alworth
    Alan (The Horse) Ameche
    Willie (Flipper) Anderson
    Pervis (Afterburner) Atkins
    Howard (Screeno) Bailey
    Stephen Baker (The Touchdown Maker)
    Walt (Piggy) Barnes
    Len (Bear Tracks) Barnum
    (Slingin’) Sammy Baugh
    Ed (Bibbles) Bawel
    Earnest (Bubba) Bean
    Chuck (Concrete Charlie) Bednarik
    Eddie (The Flea) Bell
    Bob (Seabiscuit) Boyd
    Benny (The Purple Streak) Boynton
    Walter (Bubby) Brister
    Bob (Boomer) Brown
    Junious (Buck) Buchanan
    Danny (Lightning) Buggs
    Jim (Cannonball) Butler
    Tomories (Mossy) Cade
    Tony (The Gray Ghost) Canadeo
    (Commander) Cody Carlson
    Ross (Timber Beast) Carter
    Dave (The Ghost) Casper
    Howard (Hopalong) Cassady
    Charles (Boobie) Clark
    Johnny (Mr. Zero) Clement
    Babe (Gunboat) Connaughton
    Edward (Ty) Coon
    Clyde (Cannonball) Crabtree
    Sam (Bam) Cunningham
    Mike (The Animal) Curtis
    Bob (Twenty Grand) Davis
    Pat (Smoke Screen) Dowling
    Elbert (Golden Wheels) Dubenion
    Gil (Cactus Face) Duggan
    Leslie (Speedy) Duncan
    Glen (Turk) Edwards
    John (Jumbo) Elliott
    Bill (Earthquake) Enyart
    Norman (Boomer) Esiason
    (Swervin’) Mervyn Fernandez
    Alfred (Jitter) Fields
    John (Frenchy) Fuqua
    Howard (Hokie) Gajan
    James (Jumpy) Geathers
    Carlton (Cookie) Gilchrist
    Robert (Pig) Goff
    Charles (Buckets) Goldenberg
    Austin (Goose) Gonsoulin
    Casimir (Hippo) Gozdowski
    (The Galloping Ghost) Red Grange
    (Mean) Joe Greene
    Lou (The Toe) Groza
    Dick (Death) Halladay
    Ray (Sugar Bear) Hamilton
    (Bullet) Bob Hayes
    Thomas (Hollywood) Henderson
    Ted (The Mad Stork) Hendricks
    Craig (Ironhead) Heyward
    Elroy (Crazy Legs) Hirsch
    Ralph (Two-Bits) Homan
    (The Golden Boy) Paul Hornung
    Rich (Tombstone) Jackson
    Lionel (Little Train) James
    Bert (Man O’ War) Johnson
    Billy (White Shoes) Johnson
    Gary (Big Hands) Johnson
    Thomas (Pepper) Johnson
    Adam (Pacman) Jones
    David (Deacon) Jones
    Ed (Too Tall) Jones
    Joe (Turkey) Jones
    Johnny (Lam) Jones
    Christian (Sonny) Jurgensen
    Charley (Choo Choo) Justice
    George (Automatic) Karamatic
    Alex (The Mad Duck) Karras
    Jevon (The Freak) Kearse
    Frank (Bucko) Kilroy
    Frank (Bruiser) Kinard
    Fulton (Captain Crazy) Kuykendall
    Ernie (The Big Cat) Ladd
    Daryle (The Mad Bomber) Lamonica
    Dick (Night Train) Lane
    Dante (Gluefingers) Lavelli
    Joe (Big Bird) Lavender
    Alphonse (Tuffy) Leemans
    Joe (Midnight Express) Lillard
    Carl (Moon Eyes) Littlefield
    Eugene (Big Daddy) Lipscomb
    Carl (Spider) Lockhart
    Kenneth (Kayo) Lunday
    John (Hog Jaw) Magee
    Gil (Wild Horse) Mains
    Jim (Wrong Way) Marshall
    (Jungle) Jim Martin
    (Sudden) Sam McCullum
    Ed (Wahoo) McDaniel
    Ron (The Dancing Bear) McDole
    (The King) Hugh McElhenny
    Gerald (Ice Cube) McNeil
    (Dandy) Don Meredith
    Lvyonia (Stump) Mitchell
    Willie (Top Cat) Mitchell
    Walter (Dinty) Moore
    Eugene (Mercury) Morris
    (Broadway) Joe Namath
    Renaldo (Skeets) Nehemiah
    Al (Old Pig Iron) Nesser
    Eddie (Five Yards) Novak
    Frank (Fudgehammer) Nunley
    (The Nigerian Nightmare) Christian Okoye
    Elvis (Toast) Patterson
    (Sweetness) Walter Payton
    Joe (The Jet) Perry
    William (Refrigerator) Perry
    Don (Dopey) Phelps
    Charles (King Kong) Philyaw
    Sherman (Tank) Plunkett
    Jim (Poodles) Podoley
    (The Catawba Claw) Bucky Pope
    Floyd (Breezy) Reid
    Jack (Hacksaw) Reynolds
    George (Buster) Rhymes
    Elvin (Kink) Richards
    (The Diesel) John Riggins
    Walter (The Flea) Roberts
    James (Tootie) Robbins
    Paul (Straight Runner) Robinson
    Al (Big Un) Rose
    Bob (The Geek) St. Clair
    Deion (Prime Time) Sanders
    Clyde (Smackover) Scott
    Frank (Slippery) Seeds
    O.J. (The Juice) Simpson
    Dwight (Paddlefoot) Sloan
    Rod (He Hate Me) Smart
    Charles (Bubba) Smith
    Noland (Super Gnat) Smith
    Otis (My Man) Smith
    Verda (Vitamin) Smith
    Julian (Sus) Spence
    Ed (The Claw) Sprinkle
    Ken (Snake) Stabler
    Roger (The Dodger) Staubach
    Jack (The Assassin) Tatum
    Hugh (Bones) Taylor
    (Dr. Death) Skip Thomas
    (The Throwin’ Samoan) Jack Thompson
    Willis (Weegie) Thompson
    Fred (Fuzzy) Thurston
    (The Human Bowling Ball) Charley Tolar
    Zollie (Tug Boat) Toth
    Tom (The Bomb) Tracy
    Clyde (Bulldog) Turner
    (The Dutchman) Norm Van Brocklin
    (Touchdown) Tommy Vardell
    Bob (Stoneface) Waterfield
    Andre (Dirty) Waters
    (Squirmin’) Herman Wedemeyer
    Byron (Whizzer) White
    Randy (The Manster) White
    Reggie (The Minister of Defense) White
    Norm (Wild Man) Willey
    Fred (The Hammer) Williamson
    George (Wildcat) Wilson
    (Touchdown) Tommy Wilson
    Dennis (Dirt) Winston
    Casmir (Slug) Witucki
    Floyd (Pork Chop) Womack
    Elbert (Ickey) Woods
    Bill (Bubbles) Young
    Paul (Tank) Younger
    Willie (Sugar Bear) Young

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