Spears being out for a few weeks - we can handle it

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by STSINAZ, Jul 29, 2006.


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    I know it sucks but we can handle this...there are always going to be injuries...AND

    That is definitely one place where we have ALOT of depth..- THE DE LINE - .with Ratliff, Canty, Ellis, Hatcher, and Coleman we are ok there...now if one or two more get hurt then we are in trouble...i like our d line this year...they are going to do some damage...
  2. DBoys

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    I am glad the injury is minor but I am happy to see what Hatcher can do. I have a real feeling about this kid. He could be the compliment to Ware we desperately need.
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    Folks, I'll twist my worry beads on this one if you don't mind. Remember our schedule and the 6 road games out of the first 8. We MUST get off to a fast start this season and Sperars is key to a defense that must perform at high level. Spears needs to be ready and here is his second camp on the sidelines. Ugh.:mad:

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    all i am saying is we have ALOT OF guys there that can do the job you will see
  5. big dog cowboy

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    I'm just interested to see how he plays the last couple of preseason games. That will tell me if it is time to worry or not.
  6. Cowboy from New York

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    Agreed, as long as the injury is minor I think it could play out fairly well with us getting a good look at Hatcher in the first part of camp and seeing him get extended time in the first two preseason games.
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    Hurry back Marcus!

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