News: Spears: "Talking Doesn't Win Games"

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    Spears: "Talking Doesn't Win Games"
    The Cowboys have opted against responding to the comments of the Giants' Justin Tuck this week

    By Scott Crisp

    Between Justin Tuck and Brandon Jacobs, there’s always someone around to remind us that, yes, their is a rivalry between the Cowboys and Giants in the week leading into a match-up between the two--and this week was no different.

    Tuck, who earlier in the season called Cowboys Stadium “a dump,” predictably said this week that he “hates” the Cowboys and the feeling is mutual. But if you’re expecting a response from the Cowboys, you’re most likely going to be disappointed.

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    I like that. Hopefully we can take the saying of "silent but violent" to the Giants on Sunday.

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    That goes both ways, I hope we don't fart up the place..

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