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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Nors, Jan 27, 2005.

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    # 93 Richard Seymour
    Position: DE
    Height: 6-6
    Weight: 310
    Born: 10/06/1979
    College: Georgia
    NFL Experience: 4

    Career Stats | Game Logs: 01 02 03 04 | Situational Stats | Team Roster


    Year Team G Total Tckl Ast Sacks Int Yds Avg Lg TD Pass Def
    2001 New England Patriots 13 44 25.0 19 3 0 0 0.0 0 0 1
    2002 New England Patriots 16 56 33.0 23 5.5 1 6 6.0 6 0 2
    2003 New England Patriots 15 57 34.0 23 8 0 0 0.0 0 0 8
    2004 New England Patriots 15 39 24.0 15 5 0 0 0.0 0 0 0
    TOTAL 59 196 116.0 80 21.5 1 6 6.0 6 0 11

    I'm reading but Spears is not a high Sack count End. Neither is Seymour, he's averaged 5 in his career but is an All Pro. But they both are disruptive football players. Seymour a 310 pound DE - Spears is already over 300. Same player, same value - In A 3-4 DEFENSE.

    We stick in 4-3 bring Dat Dude back and stoke up the small LB grill, more Al S, and Dex on the edges :rolleyes:
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    Seymour is effective in a 4-3 too.
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    Marcus Spears
    DE, LSU
    War Room analysis
    Strengths: Is freakishly athletic with great agility and instincts. Shows great power as a pass rusher. Is versatile enough to play in a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme. Has the strength to push back offensive linemen. Once past blockers, shows impressive burst to the quarterback.

    Weaknesses: Might not be fast enough to be a consistent edge pass rusher or strong enough to play inside. Must improve upon technique and ability to shed blockers.

    Bottom line: Spears' athleticism will allow an NFL team to move him around. He can play end on running downs and tackle on passing downs. His production will improve with better technique and more experience. He should be selected in the latter part of Round 1 or early in Round 2.

    Dan Pompei analysis
    Is a big, athletic, agile end who could fit in a 3-4. Has good strength but doesn't always use it. Lacks polish and is somewhat inconsistent.
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    I agree that Spears is what we are looking for. But I like him as a 4-3 tackle. Put him and Glover in there and we would have a good pass rush. Put him at end in a 3-4 and his athletic ability is wasted. I also like another one of your guys Anthony Bryant. I hate the 3-4 though. We seem to agree on the players, and that Zimmer must go, but not on the 3-4. I haven't seen your take on Justin Tuck?
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    Honestly have not watched much ND this season and his injury has me concerned. I'm not so high on Erasmus Jones. The DE/OLB that is starting to jump up my Board is Demarcus Ware. He's dominating OT's at the Senior Bowl. One play he bull rushed, grabbed the Tackle and body slammed him. For a supposed Tweener that made my antlers go up!

    He is handling LB coverage. Up to 247 - He reminds me of Haley. I hope he drops to 4 for us but doubt it!
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    Would love to get Spears, especially if we can get him with the later first. I'd be happy with Shaun Cody, either or, but Spears seems the more naturally strong player. It's hard to decide, but I definitely want to see us pay attention to the DL with some established guys from highly competitive conferences. NO Fort Valley State/McNeese State BS.

    I thought Spears had 9 sacks this year. Pretty good sack numbers considering he was the focus of the OL attention. Has 4 career interceptions with 2 returned for TDs -- better than Newman! :)

    He's a leader and does the dirty work. Makes others better. Would be a great DE in the 3-4 and is bigger than a lot of the 4-3 tackles in this year's draft.
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    I am with you on this Ware kid, although I really want to see him in this game first before I totally pass judgement.
    I know it was just practice, but he is the only guy that stood out to me in the televised practice session this week.
    He looked quick, instinctive, and had good leverage.

    No way he drops to 4. As a matter of fact it sounds as if he is jumping up everyone's board, and rumblings are he could go at the bottom of round 1, or top of round 2.
  8. dbair1967

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    Spears is nowhere near as talented or as disruptive as Seymour Nors....

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    Based on what?
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    As a huge ND fan I like Tuck a lot and was hoping he'd come back for his last year. He's ND's all-time career sack leader and they don't play week opponents,so that should tell you something. Yes he's been injured and has missed some games,but he should be back to full strength by now or close to it. He's a stud. Spears is tough as well. James missed some games this season too if I remember right.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    Totally agree... Spears will likely be a very solid pro and I'd take him on our team in a heartbeat, but he's not nearly as disruptive as Seymour.

    "Freakishly athletic" is hardly the way I would describe Spears. Frankly, he looks like a good hold-the-fort 34 DE to me.
  12. dbair1967

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    I agree, I wouldnt go ape if we draft him at 20, but I havent seen anything from him that makes me think he is a "special" player...

  13. Champsheart

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    Well, I said I would wait until the game to pass judgement, and Ware was a no show. In fairness to him though they played him at DE in a 4-3, and I think he definetly is a 3-4 Outside LBer. Still I was a little disappointed.
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    i think spears is gonna make a good pro. he's got the size and strength to excel at the next level. IMO, he'd fit either base defense. get this guy.
  15. AdamJT13

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    Seymour measured at 6-4 5/8, 301 pounds, coming out of college. Spears measured at 6-3 3/8, 302 pounds.

    Seymour had 9.5 sacks, 34 tackles for loss and one interception in his career at Georgia. Spears had 19 sacks, 34.5 tackles for loss and four interceptions in his career at LSU.

    Seymour wasn't a regular starter until his junior season. In his final two seasons, he had 5.5 sacks, 25 tackles for loss and one interception (in 21 games). Spears had 15 sacks, 30 tackles for loss and two interceptions (in 26 games).

    The LSU Web site says Spears ran a 4.8 last spring. Seymour ran a 4.87.

    So, the comparisons to Seymour might not be so far-fetched. Not that Spears definitely will be as good in the NFL as Seymour has been, but he does seem to be a comparable prospect coming out of college.
  16. Rush 2112

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    There's at least one other person who does their homework.
  17. Nors

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    Seymour is an inch taller, and had more DT experience. Spears more productive in college. Very similar players and both project as 3-4 DE's. Not a glamorous job per see but very valuable when you can get a disruptive Big kid to play it! He's on my wish list at 20.
  18. AdamJT13

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    Another guy who was comparable to Seymour and Spears coming out of college was Kevin Williams. Again, like Seymour, the biggest differences between Williams and Spears is that Williams is a little taller and had experience at tackle (although he also played end).

    Here are all three players' numbers --

    Seymour 6-4 5/8, 301 pounds
    Williams 6-4 7/8, 304 pounds
    Spears 6-3 3/8, 302 pounds

    Seymour 4.87
    Williams 4.84
    Spears 4.8

    Seymour 5.5 in 21 games
    Williams 12.5 in 24 games
    Spears 15.0 in 26 games

    Seymour 25 in 21 games
    Williams 25 in 24 games
    Spears 30 in 26 games

    Seymour 9.5
    Williams 18.5
    Spears 19.0

    Seymour 34
    Williams 38
    Spears 34.5

    Seymour 1
    Williams 0
    Spears 4

    It should be noted that Seymour started only four games before his junior season and started 25 of 41 games in his career. Spears didn't start until his sophomore season (as a freshman, he played fullback, tight end and defensive end) and started 38 of 50 games in his career. And Williams started all 11 games as a redshirt freshman and 42 of 46 for his career. That's why I gave the breakdown of their final two seasons.

    Again, I'm not saying Spears should be drafted as high as either Williams or Seymour were, and I'm not saying he'll be as good. I'm just saying that he's quite similar to those guys coming out of college. Both of them have been effective playing tackle and end in the NFL (Seymour has played both when the Pats have used the 4-3, and he has played end and nose tackle when they've used the 3-4).
  19. ddh33

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    That's some great stuff, Adam.

    I'm a big Spears fan. I just saw a guy that other teams schemed for, and he still managed to be a game-changer a lot of times. I think he would be a great fit here. His versatility is really intriguing.
  20. Duane

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    You're the man Adam. Great read.

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