Video: Special Edition Parts 1-5 with Rolando McClain Interview

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by speedkilz88, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Thanks for the link. Not sure why Steve Dennis is gushing over him, nothing really impressive in the interview. Everyone he has ever coached has talked about his football smarts, so I will just trust what they have said.
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    Maybe the real story is that Steve Dennis is actually gushing over a player...LOL...j/k
    I don't have sound where I'm at, so need to wait until I get back to my hotel room to watch the videos.

    If my laptop is working ok, been reloading sofeware, had to completely reset it it. I do not like windows 8, but it's 8.1 that is the real issue.
    About to buy an iMac, screw microsoft. LOL
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    Steve's done a bit of a reorientation with his new job. He still bugs me. I mostly don't like him because of his whiny condescending tone in press conferences. I do have to say, he's a bit funnier in the longer shows than comes through in his segments. He was talking about (I think) Crawford and his size in one of them where he mentioned that his size has always an issue since...then he paused and said 'since the day he was born, probably. His poor mother." Now that I typed it up, it's not that funny, but at the time it made me think 'maybe this guy's only unlikeable in short segments.' That's huge progress for me with Dennis.
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    Heck fire, Jerry made a lot of sense on the section of Training Camp in Oxnard and then back to Dallas. Mix this with the new plan for weekly schedules in the regular season...and there is a good plan and follow through concerning conditionings and team/player progress.

    The only thing it doesn't incorporate is pick up players following the OTA's and Training Camps. By then the team has transferred from instructional mode to individual team preparations.
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    By Jon Machota
    2:58 pm on August 22, 2014 | Permalink

    “Honestly, it felt like I was back in high school,” McClain said. “Like, the first series, I had the big lights effect in my eyes going on. After that, I calmed down and I just got back to playing football.”

    That game was a significant step for the former Alabama All-American. McClain had been out of football for nearly two years after retiring twice. His last NFL regular season game was in November 2012.

    “It’s been a very steep hill,” McClain said. “It’s something new every day, just from that fact that you haven’t been doing football related stuff. It’s one thing to run and drop, do drills, but it’s another thing when you got to hit a guy. You got to hit the ground when you hit a guy. You got to cover. You got to break. And then when you’re in a game, everything is naturally faster than what it is when you’re doing that drill because now the pressure is on.

    “I don’t know, man, it’s been a lot, but I just been trying my best to stay with it.”

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...k-into-shape-has-been-a-very-steep-hill.html/
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    Thanks for posting that link to the interview.

    It appeared genuine to me and it sounds like all the stuff I read about him in that ESPN documentary really set his career back early on. I kept chuckling though because of that dip he had throughout the whole thing, man he's as country as they come - lol.

    Who knows how it will pan out for us, or how much it won't but we'll see how it all plays out.

    Broaddus was right, it was unfair to throw the kid right into camp w/o putting him on PUP and getting him physically right to play football first. The desperation that this franchise exhibits sometimes doesn't help but I'm pulling for McClain to resurrect his career here.
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    He seems like a different guy after getting fired from his regular job.

    It's obvious that he's a profession TV guy when you see him compared to those other people that are in the Cowboys media dept. Nick Eatman, David Helman, etc.. make Steve Dennis look really good in comparison.
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    The Cowboys should have just announced that they were holding him out instead of letting it seem like he was making the decision not to practice. It would have kept the media from putting out false stories about him quitting.
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    hey, invent a measurement evaluator that can predict future of an athlete's physical level in a single measurement testing event...
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    Why did they make Jerry look like that was his spirit talking from the clouds?
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    I really want this to work.

    I wanted Dallas to somehow get him in the draft.

    Hopefully this works out well

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