Special Team and Defense top priority

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sportsman, Jan 15, 2006.

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    As we have seen in the playoffs. If you have a great defense and special teams that create turnovers you will win games. We have neither. Yes, we have a decent defense but know playmakers. Polamalu is showing us how weak Roy Williams and whoever our other safety is are not even close to be great safeties.

    Defense wins SB and after this game - Maybe oh Maybe, We don't have to hear anymore how great any of the Mannings are at QB. Hey I like Peyton, but until he wins a SB he is a average QB.
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    Kind of funny, but that is exactly the Bill Parcells way...

    As for Troy P: he is basically playing linebacker on those downs. When have you seen the guy covering 20-30 yards downfield like we consistently see Roy. He's basically in the box - exactly where I would like Roy to be.
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    That is why the Steelers defense is in the playoffs and our defense is still wondering how to position Roy.
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    Our blitz package is stale.

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