Speculation from Carter on Zeke Investigation

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Fletch, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Fletch

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    Cris Carter claiming he's spoken to sources close to Zeke investigation. Possible closure within 48 hours. Evidence allegedly destroyed by Zeke per Carter.
    1310 The Ticket "Ticker" reporting this.

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  2. dallasdave

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    Thanks for the update !!!
  3. RXP

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    Evidence destroyed by Zeke? Thats a new one.

    I doubt it's true.
  4. HowAboutThemCowboys

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  5. BoysfanfromCanada

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    Why would you make any sort of comment on something like as to what happened if it's 'alleged?'. You're paid to talk, not be a reporter or cop, Carter
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  6. Thefeelofcotton

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    If Zeke is TRULY innocent, then it will be appealed. If not, then they will let it go or appeal for a lesser suspension.
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  7. sideon

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    Why would anyone listen to a man who threw his own mother under the bus?
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  8. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Evidence allegedly destroyed by Zeke. What does that mean? He destroyed evidence? And if that's true why no charges?
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  9. Denim Chicken

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    Deleting texts? That's the only thing I could think of.
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  10. jimnabby

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    This isn't a criminal investigation; that was closed a long time ago. If he destroyed something the NFL asked for, that wouldn't be a crime, but it could obviously affect their suspension decision.
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  11. jazzcat22

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    Carter, the ultimate Cowboys haters, or one of them anyway.

    Maybe it was evidence created by Friel and Mara, then destroyed and blamed it on Zeke. Or it was created by these 4 "independent" consultants.
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  12. Bullflop

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    I'm hoping they can't prove he destroyed evidence. It wouldn't help his cause if they can. If not, there's nothing to hurt him.
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  13. Real1st

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    Zeke, his lawyer, and his family obviously aren't going to lay down. If he gets suspended i expect this to get ugly.
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  14. MrPhil

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    Didn't the NFL use the "destroyed evidence" idea to support its suspension of Brady?
  15. Idgit

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    Unnamed sources, Undisputed. I think I'll wait to hear something concrete, thanks.
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  16. PA Cowboy Fan

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    That's the problem with the NFL. They make up things as they go along. If they want to suspend somebody they will. The players association has to do something about this in the next CBA. If he destroyed something the police wanted that's one thing but this witchhunt is something else. A year later and still waiting. Ridiculous.
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    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    Carter always wishes the worst toward The Cowboys.
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  18. Kaiser

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    NY Giants Owner John Mara announced today that Ekekiel Elliot would be suspended for four games for deleting Tom Brady's text messages concerning inflating footballs.

    Reached for comment, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said:

  19. sadams

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  20. CATCH17

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    They invented destroying the evidence when they did whatever they did with the Patriots spygate tapes.

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