Speculation: Garrett quietly resisting offensive coordinator hire

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Gryphon

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    From ProFootballTalk:

    Over the weekend, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is pushing coach Jason Garrett to give up his play-calling duties.

    The process continues. Per a league source, the Cowboys are quietly looking for a new offensive coordinator.

    Currently, Bill Callahan serves as both the offensive coordinator and the offensive line coach. A new offensive coordinator presumably would call the plays instead of Garrett.

    But Garrett, we’re told, is resisting the move. And if it happens, he wants someone who has no head-coaching experience.
  2. Dhragon

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    Insecure much, Jason. LOL.
  3. Joe Rod

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    It takes a special type of person to make Jerry Jones look like the voice of reason in a football capacity. If Garrett is really resisting this then Jerry needs to can him. Process complete.

    Edit: And bring in Lovie Smith already!
  4. cannonball44

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    This is very disappointing to me, because I honestly thought better of Jason Garrett. I believe head coaching experience (college or NFL) is very valuable to an offensive coordinator, and therefore very valuable to the Cowboys. often times that experience gives you a better understanding of the big picture of the game, season, and franchise offensively.

    I know I'm back and forth on Garrett, mostly because I felt like we should be in win now mode with the talent at the skill positions on this roster, and he ascended the ranks too quickly due to Jerry and forcing us to watch him take his lumps and wait patiently as he develops his coaching prowess. But regarding this current situation, I was always under the impression that Garrett wanted what was best for the Cowboys, not what was best for Jason Garrett.


    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Garrett calling the plays is not the problem. Execution, primarily among to OL and DL was.

    The DL had talent to be great, but the coaches did not get the best out of them. Hence, enters in a new DL coach. I'm confident the new coaches on D will teach them well and get them to execute to their abilities.

    On the OL we don't need a new coach. The tale t was sub-par, and Callahan got as much as he could out of them. Callahan did this despite being challenged to teach them a new scheme, while missing mant players on the practice field due to injury. Still the talent was lacking and that's why execution on the OL was the issue.

    So all in all, we need better talent on the OL, not a new play caller. If we have that then Callahan, I'm cofident, will coach them up to execute to their abilities. With that we will then finally have the threat of the running game which will make all the difference in executing the whole offense successfully, just as Garrett has been calling it all along.

    That's the God's honest Truth, like it or not!
  6. Zordon

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    man is this guy insecure or what?!
  7. Woods

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    PFT = Gospel

  8. InmanRoshi

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    I don't doubt that Garrett would be hesitant to turn over playcalling duties. His job is on the line next year. Would you want to put your professional career in the hands of a complete stranger that you've never worked with before? Particularly a complete stranger calling plays who has absolutely no experience in your offensive system or your playbook terminology. Even Callahan has no experience playcalling in this system or this terminology. There's not a whole lot of experience playcallers out there from the Coryell tree other than maybe Al Saunders or Cam Cameron, and they violate the arbitrary CZ age requirements for any assistant coach.

    The part about no head coaching experience I'm taking with a complete grain of salt. Sounds like PFT injecting their own narrative to make a rather mundane and obvious story more juicy.
  9. Vertigo_17

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    I'm not sure I buy this coming from the PFT, didn't JG say he wanted what was best for the Dallas Cowboys
  10. noshame

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    Hummm...last week the homers were insisting Garrett was picking the coaches, what's this weeks line? Let me guess, he really wanted to give up his playcalling duties and lose face with his players? :eek:
  11. Flinger

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    We have a strong head coach that will stand up against Jerry. This is great news.

    Now, if Jerry can only provide the players that can execute.
  12. SkinsandTerps

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    Perhaps Lovie will get a new job...
  13. Risen Star

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    Wait....so Garrett should consent to being a complete puppet head coach with no authority over even his own offense?
  14. Zimmy Lives

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    This. Its not a question of insecurity.

    Garrett is demonstrating strength and conviction not to mention integrity. If "Jerruh" wants him to bend over or dance like a monkey its not going to happen -- if that is indeed the case.

    Let him do it his way for one more year and see if he can make it work. If he fails then Jerry can fire him.
  15. Erik_H

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    Exactly. It's been shown dozens of times that PFT takes their own speculation and presents it as fact. I can't believe so many people are buying this.

    Garrett is resisting? Really? Doesn't that fly in the face of him being a puppet? It's the same folks saying he's a puppet that are now saying he is quietly fighting this?

    Quietly fighting is another way of saying nothing at all. It's a unprovable claim based on rumor. Florio has a always been good at finding what fans are talking about (a possible OC) and coming up with a way to stir the pot with it.

    Some people desperately need to learn how to be a little skeptical of the world around them.
  16. Zimmy Lives

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    Sad but very true.
  17. Cowboys22

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    The entire problem with this scenario is that there is no one to bring in to call plays for Garrett's offense. He doesn't have a coaching tree full of guys who know his offense and that he trusts. If you force a play calling offensive coordinator on him, then Garrett either has to teach the OC his offense or they have to run a new offense that the OC is familar with. If I was Garrett, I'd be resisting it to. If he isn't calling the plays, then what is he really doing? His job will then be totally dependant on his coordinators. If Jerry is really forcing this on Garrett, then it's just another step towards getting him out the door. I don't see how you can force this on a young head coach. Older head coaches with a large coaching tree of experienced guys familiar with their system, yes. Garrett is still trying to build a reputation in the league with his offensive capabilities. You either have faith in his abilities and let him do what he wants or you don't and you fire him. If this report is true, it's a recipe for disaster and can only lead to more losing. Garrett is smart enough to know this and to understand that this is a giant shove towards the door. I'd be resisting it to!
  18. cannonball44

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    We're saying that Garrett should look objectively at his playcalling and see that someone else could do it better, and allow Garrett to do what he does best; Lead men. Posters make a good point about Garrett trusting people and not having a full assortment of coaches that are experts in his offense. But for the life of me I cant understand why we didnt bring in Sparano.
  19. 187beatdown

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    Disappointing if true.
  20. TheCount

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    Hard to believe the lady part of this, as it sounds incredibly insecure.

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