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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by realtick, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. realtick

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    I'm in the camp that believes Dallas needs to add a true speed dimension to its receiving corps.

    Someone in the mold of Mike Wallace, a player I really wanted the Cowboys to grab back in '09. The sort of linear, blazer with quickness that keeps teams honest over the top.

    This draft, the players that most fit in that mold IMO are the following:

    Titus Young - 5'11" 174 lbs - Nearly identical in size to DeSean Jackson, Young is actually an underated route runner and diligent blocker for his size. He didn't time out exceptionally well at the combine (4.43 forty), but did post a 4.39 at his proday FWIW. Whatever the time, nobody questions his ability to get deep. During his career at Boise St. he posted 16 catches of 45 yards or more.

    Young is also a talented KR.

    Some see him as a 2nd round lock. I don't; with as many QBs that are expected to go the 1st-2nd rounds and the depth of talent on the DL, I could easily see Young being pushed out the 2nd round into the early parts of round 3.


    Edmond Gates - 5'11 1/2" 192 lbs - Gates is actually one of my "pet" players this year. Although he played a consistently lower level of competition at Abilene Christian (same college as fellow speedster Johnny Knox) his wheels (4.37 forty) and explosiveness (40" vertical) give him traits that translate to the NFL. He's a developing receiver but far from a 2-3 year project; he can have an impact his rookie season by providing that deep threat.

    I view Edmond Gates as a strong 3rd round lock that may possibly slip to the 4th round.


    Your thoughts? Anyone that tickles your fancy?
  2. TheCount

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    I like Shorts later as a slot guy, but we do need a burner I suppose.

    A guy I caught in the Texas vs The Nation game (while I was watching Kenrick Ellis) is Denarius Moore out of Tennessee, he's in around that 4th round slot as well though.
  3. shnagy

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    Jerrel Jernigan tickles my fancy but doubt we even consider drafting him.
  4. realtick

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    Great name. He's a bit slept on because up until last year he didn't have the most productive college career. He's got abnormally long 33" arms for a guy his size (5'11") and you're right, I think he's more of a prospect for the slot.
  5. Doomsday101

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    I hope to see us add a speed WR later in the draft. Outside of the top 3 WR on our roster there are big question marks.
  6. Wimbo

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    Aldrick Robinson, SMU. Over 1000 yards each of last 2 years. Coach June Jones called him "the fastest player he has ever coached". 40" vertical jump, too.


  7. realtick

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    From everything I've gathered on Jernigan, it seems Altanta is all hot-n-bothered about him.

    I'm sort of indifferent about Jernigan.
  8. realtick

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    Good name. I believe the Cowboys were said to have been specifically checking him out either at the SMU proday or Dallas day at Valley Ranch.
  9. Gaede

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    Robinson would be nice.

    I really wanted Mike Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, David Read in the last few drafts...Would be nice to finally get a short, speed, slot guy to threaten teams deep
  10. UnoDallas

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    I would love some one also

    these are the guys that Joe had down

    Wide Receivers
    Edmund Gates Abilene Christian 6-0 180 4.37 3rd to 5th round
    Andre Holmes Hillsdale 6-3 219 4.52 to 4.47 6th to 7th round
    Joe Baldwin Pittsburgh 6-5 230 4.49 1st to 2nd round
    Cecil Shorts Mount Union 6-0 200 4.43 3rd to 4th round
    Jeremy Kerley TCU 5-9 188 4.55 4th to 5th round
    Aldrick Robinson SMU 5-10 182 4.42 5th to 6th round
    Dwayne Harris East Carolina 5-9 7/8 200 4.54 6th to 7th round

    to be RW's replcement for 2012
  11. realtick

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    Emmanuel Sanders was a guy I was targeting last year too.
  12. realtick

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    It really intrigues me that we had in Jonathan Baldwin in.
  13. Wimbo

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    Me too. But he went a round before I thought he would.
  14. Chocolate Lab

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    I've been wanting us to get a WR with tremendous speed and some quickness forever now... I'm tired of this idea that every WR has to be 6-2 and 210.

    That said, if we insist on that again, what about the guy Parcells liked, Lockette? Fastest WR at the combine, right? And maybe could return, too.
  15. realtick

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    Yeah, I hear what you're saying. I don't have a preference in WR size either, although it just seems the type of speed receivers we like tend to always fall somewhere in the same range (5' 10-11"ish, 180-90 lbs). The Emmanual Sanders, Mike Wallace, Terry Glenn, Titus Young, DeSean Jackson types.

    Quite honestly, I don't know much about Ricardo Lockette other than he's supposed to be very raw as a receiver but has tremendous athletic ability.

    FWIW, here's some info on him:



    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    I'm on the Aldrick Robinson train too. The speed and productivity is obviously there. He's got a nice vertical and can go up and get the ball for a short guy. He's also been well coached by June Jones.
  17. kiheikiwi

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    Have not seen it to Dallas at all, but what about Greg Salas - Hawaii. Not a blazer but great after the catch - 4th rounder maybe ? Great, great hands and tough
  18. BrAinPaiNt

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    Yeah I think we would do well with a small shifty and really fast WR just to add a difference on our team. However like you said they seem to have a specific size they always look for so I doubt it happens.

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