Sporting News picks for Dallas

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Tobal, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Tobal

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    Sporting News
    Rd. Pick Player Pos. School

    122 (22) showDraftIcons(7233, false, true)J. Moss DE Florida

    221 (53) showDraftIcons(7227, false, true)A. Gonzalez WR Ohio St.

    323 (87) showDraftIcons(6858, false, true)A. Sears G Tennessee

    423 (122) showDraftIcons(7084, false, true)A. Koets T Oregon St.

    522 (159) showDraftIcons(7405, false, true)T. Thigpen QB Coastal Carolina

    621 (195) showDraftIcons(7120, false, true)M. Gunn DE Auburn

    626 (200) showDraftIcons(7181, false, true)M. Pitts CB Jacksonville

    72 (212) showDraftIcons(7192, false, true)T. Taylor ILB Georgia

    724 (234) showDraftIcons(7011, false, true)A. Waters ILB Clemson

    727 (237) showDraftIcons(6923, false, true)K. Quarterman G Louisville
  2. ThreeSportStar80

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    I like the looks of that draft..
  3. dboyz

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    Not bad. The 2nd and 3rd picks are pretty good. Anyone know that QB?
  4. Cajuncowboy

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    I would hate to draft Jarvis Moss. I heard this guy doesn't have his head on straight. He called into the Moving the Chains show on Sirius and his "Posse" in the back ground yelling and causing problems and he did nothing to shut them up. His answers we really awful as well. To the point where Tim and Pat had to shut him off and move on.

    I'll take the next guy in line, thanks.

    BTW, I love the second and third round picks.
  5. Tobal

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    I like the draft, I'd like a Dt addressed somewhere, but overall I'd be happy with this draft.

    I'm gonna look into Moss, I'd been assuming he'd be gone, but it appears he is falling so he might very well be there when we pick. Most had him going right in front of us.
  6. ethiostar

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    i like the way that looks but no DT or C? :confused:
  7. junk

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    Yep. I think that is too high for him. In fact, he's probably an UDFA. However, he is an interesting prospect.

  8. BOYZFAN2259

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    Thats to high for Moss. Sears won't be there for our third.:starspin
  9. ThreeSportStar80

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    Moss is a first round pick, too high? He might not even last until 22...

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