News: Sporting News: Week 14 matchup: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

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    Week 14 matchup: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

    Three story lines

    Spoiler 'Boys. The Cowboys have virtually no shot at the playoffs, but they're playing their best football of the season and would love nothing better than beating the Eagles for the fourth consecutive time.

    M-Vick-P. Who had Michael Vick in the MVP pool before the season? He's certainly in the conversation because the Eagles are among the contenders in the NFC, and he's leading the top-ranked offense that also happens to be No.2 in points scored.

    Beat them deep. The Cowboys' pass defense has taken a beating this season, which is a major problem as they get ready to face big-play threats Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. Opposing quarterbacks have a 94.8 passer rating with 25 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

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    that is my biggest concern, the deep pass. Especially the way Vick is playing. 2nd concern, containing vick, for IF the WR's are covered and he takes of running.
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    Don't worry, when I start Maclin and bench Austin we're guaranteed to shut down their passing game and Miles will have a monster day! :p:
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    How has our pass defense done during our last 4 games is what I want to know. It could be another close high-scoring game but turnovers will tell the tale. I like our secondary right now - they've gotten more confidence each week. Mix up the coverages, trust your CBs to man up if needed once in a while, and make Vick think a little about what he wants to do. Oh, and hopefully eliminate the 50-yard PI calls would help...
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    The good: Eight picks in the last four games.
    The bad: everything else. Opponents are averaging 345 passing yards and 29 points over the last four games.
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    Without pressure the DBs are exposed. Vick doesn't throw many INTs. In fact only one I think. The Eagles are a big play team. We give up big plays.

    Hate being a party poop but this game is stacked against us. We will have to defend against the big play and get more TOs to win. And not turn the ball over. Our offense will put some points up even without Dez.

    Cowboys lose by 17. Sorry.

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