News: Sportsradio: Ware is Itching to Play Football, Tackle His New 3-4 Defensive Scheme

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    July 18, 2011 – 10:10 am by Eric Schmoldt

    DeMarcus Ware joined ESPN Radio in Dallas with Galloway and Company to discuss the optimism surrounding the lockout, how much it hurts not to have OTAs and mini-camps, Tony Romo’s leadership role throughout the lockout, if he has spoken to Dez Bryant, the team’s new defensive scheme and being ranked No. 12 in the recent list of the league’s top players.

    Should we be as optimistic about all the news we’re reading regarding the lockout?:
    “I think when you’re always working out deals, there’s always going to be little, small things that can have hiccups, but if you can get the majority of the main things done … I think everything is progressing. The media’s saying everything’s progressing. Everybody else is saying it’s progressing slowly. I’m just ready to play.”

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    Listen to DeMarcus Ware on ESPN Radio Dallas here

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