Spring Break mock. 2 Rounds

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bigmike, Mar 24, 2005.

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    Miami Trade the Number 2 over all pick To San Diego for the 12th and 61 pick

    Oakland Trade Phillip Buchanon and the 38 pick To the Colts for the 29th pick.

    1st Round
    1.San Francisco 49ers-QB Aaron Rogers, Cal
    2. San Diego Chargers (Miami)- WR Mike Williams, USC
    3. Cleveland Browns-LB Derrick Johnson, Texas
    4. Chicago Bears-WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan
    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – RB Ronnie Brown Auburn
    6. Tennessee Titans-CB Antrel Rolle, Miami
    7. Minnesota Vikings (Oak)-LB/DE Shawne Meriman, Maryland
    8. Arizona Cardinals- CB Adam “PAC man” Jones, West Virginia
    9. Washington Redskins- DE Erasmus James, Wisconsin
    10. Detroit Lions- S Thomas Davis, Georgia
    11. Dallas Cowboys (BUF)-DE Marcus Spears, LSU
    12. Miami Dolphins (SD)-RB Cadillac Williams, Auburn
    13. Houston Texas-T Alex Barron, FSU
    14. Carolina Panthers- LB Kevin Burnett, Tennessee
    15. Kansas City Chiefs-CB Carlos Rogers, Auburn
    16. New Orleans saints- QB Alex Smith, Utah
    17. Cincinnati Bengals- DT Travis Johnson. FSU
    18. Minnesota Vikings-WR Troy Williamson, South Carolina
    19. St. Louis Rams-DE David Pollack, Georgia
    20. Dallas Cowboys- LB Daryl Balckstock, Virginia
    21. Jacksonville Jaguars – CB Justin Miller, Clemson
    22. Baltimore Ravens- DT Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin
    23. Seattle Seahawks- RB Ced Benson, Texas
    24. Green Bay Packers- DE Matt Roth, Iowa
    25. Denver Broncos- OT Khalif Barnes, Washington
    26. New York Jets- TE Health Miller, Virginia
    27. Atlanta Falcons- OT Jamal Brown, OU
    28. San Diego Chargers-S Brodney Pool, OU
    29. Oakland Riders (IND)- LB Channing Crowder, Florida
    30. Pittsburgh Steelers- CB Marlin Jackson, Michigan
    31. Philadelphia Eagles- OG David Baas, Michigan
    32. New England Patriots- LB Rian Wallace, Temple

    2nd round
    33. San Francisco 49ers-T Adam Terry, Syracuse
    34. Cleveland Browns-QB Charlie Frye, Akron
    35. Philadelphia Eagles (Mia)-LB Odell Thurman, Georgia
    36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-DE/DT Shaun Cody, USC
    37. Tennessee Titans-DE Justin Tuck, Notre Dame
    38. Indianapolis Colts (OAK)-LB Kirk Morrison, SDSU
    39. Chicago Bears-G Elton Brown, Virginia
    40. New Orleans Saints (Wash)- Fabian Washington, Nebraska
    41. Detroit Lions-DE Jovan Haye, Vanderbilt
    42. Dallas Cowboys-FS Josh Bullocks, Nebraska
    43. New York Giants- RB Ciatrick Fason, Florida
    44. Arizona Cardinals-RB Marion Barber III, Minnesota
    45. Carolina Panthers-S Donte Nicholson, Oklahoma
    46. Kansas City Chiefs-WR Roddy White, UAB
    47. Houston Texans-LB/DE Demarcus Ware, Troy
    48. Cincinnati Bengals-DT Jonathan Babineaux, Iowa
    49. Minnesota Vikings-G CJ Brooks, Maryland
    50. St. Louis Rams- CB Cory Webster, LSU
    51. Green Bay Packers (NO)-S Ernest Shazor, Michigan
    52. Jacksonville Jaguars-TE Alex Smith, Stanford
    53. Baltimore Ravens-WR Reggie Brown, Georgia
    54. Seattle Seahawks-C Vince Carter, OU
    55. Buffalo Bills-OG Marcus Johnson, Mississippi
    56. Denver Broncos-DT CJ Mosley, Missouri
    57. New York Jets-CB Brandon Browner, Oregon State
    58. Green Bay Packers-QB Kyle Orton
    59. Atlanta Falcons-OT Wesley Britt, Alabama
    60. Indianapolis Colts- RB Vernand Morency, Oklahoma State
    61. Miami Dolphins (SD)-OG Adam Snyder, Oregon
    62. Pittsburgh Steelers-OT Michael Munoz, Tennessee
    63. Philadelphia Eagles-TE Kevin Everitt, Miami
    64. New England Patriots-CB Antonio Perkins, OU
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    I don't like it I don't see SD making that trade and MN is going with WR and I can see washington going with Heath Miller ( don't be surprised)
  3. Avery

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    Miami is getting ripped with that trade...
  4. ghst187

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    One thing I do believe is certain about Dallas drafting this year...I do feel like we will trade down with one of our first round picks. It will probably depend on who's there when we go on the clock at 11 and at 20 but I really think we'll be looking at WR and DE first with LB, FS, and T in mind also.
    The bottom line is that we need at least 4 players with three picks.
    I think our eyes will be on Mike Williams, Merriman, possibly Spears or Williamson with pick 11 or else trade down
    Williamson, Clayton, Spears, Tuck, or Brown, or trade down at 20
    and in the second...Bullocks, Poole, Tuck, Blackstock

    Honestly, I won't be surprised if we make more than one trade down...
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    I doubt that Clayton falls below the second round. It would also be foolish to take Pool that high.
  6. cwboy1

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    I think that you are pretty close, but one thing that is to note: the #11 pick was because of how GREAT Dallas played not Buffalo. :banghead:
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    If Clayton is available when our 2nd round pick comes up, we must take him (I'd even take him with the 20th.) The guy has Isaac Bruce written all over him.

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