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    Dan Bailey said he can’t see any negatives to re-signing with the Cowboys, but that from here, he just has to see what happens.

    “This is a great place to kick. It’s obviously a first-class organization,” he said Monday after cleaning out his locker at Valley Ranch. “I can’t really see any negatives to playing here.”

    Bailey, an undrafted free agent three years ago out of Oklahoma State, became a restricted free agent at season’s end. He is the most accurate kicker in team history, with a field goal percentage of 90.8 (89-for-98) in three seasons. He also holds the team record with eight game-winning kicks.

    “Yeah, I’d love to stay here if I could,” he said. “We’ll just kind of see what happens. Hopefully we’ll be able to stick around a little longer.”

    Bailey made it a point to improve his leg strength. He ranked 10th in touchback percentage, 55.9 (52 of 93), and made six of seven kicks from 50 yards or more.

    “That was a big focus for me going into this season,” he said. “I felt like overall, I’m still going to have to take a few days to assess how the whole year went, but I think the initial assessment was that a lot of the stuff we did in the offseason really benefited, whether it was touchbacks or kickoffs or having a little more confidence and stuff on longer field goals, it definitely paid off.”

    Bailey said he tries not to think about much beyond the field.

    “My goal is just to play the best I can every year, hopefully string a bunch of good years together,” he said. “I think anything that happens beyond that is just part of working in the NFL. So my focus is just to be the best teammate and player I can be, try to perform to my best ability every day in practice and in games. So whatever happens beyond that is out of my control. All I can control is what I can do.”

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    After all the years of holding my breath for every 30+ yard field goal, they damn well better re-sign Bailey. He's probably the best in the league. Just automatic.
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    Agreed. We need to know the kicker is automatic. Before the Bailey era I too got really tired of watching games slip away after we missed field goals. Just say NO to bad kickers!
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    Was great to see his kickoffs repeatedly sail out of the endzone this season after he was criticized for that being a weak point in his game. He focused on improving and did so.

    Don't know where we would be without his consistency. Need to keep him here.
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    I hated our kicking game before he got here. Even extra points were an adventure with our last couple of kickers.
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    Hit him with the second round tender for 2m and work on an extension. If someone wants to give up a second round pick for him, take it.
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    He needs to be resigned - period.

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