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    Offensive coordinator Bill Callahan said the moving of Dez Bryant around the line of scrimmage has helped and will continue.

    “He’s in every formation and location that you can even think of,” Callahan said in his weekly meeting with reporters. “I think a couple of games ago, we targeted him 16 times and he was in just about every imaginable formation you can think of. We’re going to continue to do that, not only with Dez, but with a couple of other guys as well.”

    The use of Bryant was a big focus of the Cowboys’ bye week, after he was targeted only twice in the blowout loss at New Orleans a month ago. In the two games since, Bryant has been targeted 25 times and caught 16 passes for 147 yards and a touchdown.

    “We're all on board in trying to put him in positions where he can be successful and get the match ups we desire,” Callahan said. “Whether it's Dez or Wit, when you move Dez you're also moving other people and they're getting into other locations as well, so that gives them opportunities.”

    The now-healthy Miles Austin is also a big part of what the Cowboys want to do, Callahan said.

    “I think he’s a vital part of this. We need everybody,” Callahan said. “He made a couple of grabs in the other game. But he’s certainly a huge factor in this. Please, do not discount or not think that he’s not a huge part of this package.”

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