News: ST: Called out: Cowboys’ Ware promises to be a force

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Dec 12, 2013.

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    At this point in your career Ware: The mind is get the rest.
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    yes ware, we all saw it

    any more comments?
  3. Future

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    If I had to guess, the majority came with his hand on the ground in nickel and dime situations whne they knew the other team was going to pass. Nothing has been more overblown than his switch from OLB to DE.

    The guy looks EXACTLY the same as he did after about week 5 last year. Not enough speed to get the edge, and virtually no moves to get away from guys when they get their hands on him. He's always relied solely on his ability to be a better athlete than the guys trying to block him, and now that he's lost a step, he can't beat anybody.
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    Agreed 100%.

    He was rushing with his hand on the ground most snaps even when we ran the 3-4.
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    his body didn't cash the check his mouth wrote before this game

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