News: ST: Cowboys expect to full blitz package from Zimmer, Bengals

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    The Cowboys are calling this week's matchup against the Bengals at the dress rehearsal for the season. The starters will play into the third quarter.

    It will certainly be a good test for the Cowboys reshuffled offensive line, considering Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and his blitz happy ways.

    Zimmer, a former Cowboys defensive coordinator, has been very aggressive all preseason and will likely continue to be aggressive on Saturday.

    The Cowboys are not going to game plan for game but they will rely on their traditional rules and keys for handling the blitz.

    "On Yeah, Zim’s an aggressive, competitive guy," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "He brought it all in the first preseason games. That’s just his nature. He’s brought it all since I’ve known him. That’s what makes Zim great. You’ve got to be ready for that stuff. We watched some of the game from last year. We watched the first two games. You have to be ready for anything. One of the things we believe in is hopefully you’ve structure your offensive and defensive systems in such a way that you don’t have to game plan. You can kind of go by your rules to handle all of the different things you may or may not see. So hopefully we will be able to do that as a football team."

    Clarence Hill

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    hopefully the rules keep the team injury-free this week and for the rest of the pre-season
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    Hope they blitz a lot, we need to see how o-line will hold up under pressure:eek:.
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    If he's anything like the Mike Zimmer we know, the Cowboys have nothing to worry about.
  5. dallasdave

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    Dallas needs to test the line now , not in the regular season:eek:
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    Zimmer did a good job with the Cowboys, especially considering the players he had to work with. He just wasn't a Parcells 3-4 guy.
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    Never understood the GROZ stuff, at all. The guy was a heck of a coach, and has been in CIN, too.
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    I think the line held up pretty well in the Cincy game.

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