ST: Hiring of Linehan reflects Cowboys' belief in their passing game, and what they think of...

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    The Cowboys are built on the pass. It’s how they move the ball, it’s how they want to move the ball.

    The hiring of Scott Linehan to be the passing game coordinator and play-caller re-emphasizes that. The Cowboys have had a ball-in-the-air mentality at Valley Ranch since the arrival of Jason Garrett to pair with Tony Romo in 2007.

    It doesn’t sound like the most efficient way to get to the Super Bowl, and it hasn't done much for the Cowboys beyond a couple of division titles. But the Cowboys still think it's the way to geater riches, and they have reason to.

    Eight of the past 17 Super Bowl champions have thrown the ball better than they have run it. That includes three of the past four – the 2011 Giants that owner Jerry Jones is so fond of, the 2010 Packers that won it in the Cowboys' own living room and the 2009 Saints led by former Cowboys assistant Sean Peyton.

    So the Cowboys have seen it done this way, and Linehan’s pass-heavy background as offensive coordinator of the Lions, head coach of the Rams and quarterbacks coach in Minnesota gave the organization every reason to put him on staff.

    Not that it impressed everybody.

    Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson said, “The only thing that concerns me is Linehan is not known for being a guy that’s going to run the football, and that’s kind of been a little bit of a problem with the Cowboys in the past, that they’ve got a great running back in DeMarco Murray and, I mean, I don’t know. Are they going to run the ball more or less? Who can tell? We’ll only know a year from now. But it does concern you a little bit.”

    Linehan has passing-game chops: With him as quarterbacks coach, the 2004 Vikings were second in the NFL in yards and touchdown passes. And as offensive coordinator, he made the 2012 Lions the third-ranked offense in the league.

    The Cowboys want his input as a fourth voice in the gameplan room.

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    Which is why the Cowboys will continue to put up stats and still be a mediocre club.
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    I am behind this move...the team did not struggle inside the 20, they had trouble getting there some times...I think Linehan will move the ball better and if they continue to do well in the red zone, then this is an offensive marriage made in heaven....romo could put up 5k yards in this offense (best case scenario)....let's see how it plays out...we heard how the 12-package was going to be brought out now that they had escobar to team with witten and of course, that didn't pan out....I am encouraged that at least the team recognizes that they can't be stagnant... seems to me that little tweaks like this could make the already good offense better than in 2013...perhaps the FO knows that it will take time to fix the defense so they had better ramp up the O even further to out-score other teams...
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    Terrance Williams as well as Escobar should hugely benefit with this change..

    not just Dez.

    I'd love to be like the '66 Packers and run the ball 60% of the time.

    Jim Taylor, Donny Anderson and Paul Horning don't play anymore.

    So we have to pass to win.

    At least get DeMarco Murray 15-20 touches by run or pass..

    ..and we'll be a different team.
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    How about he 2013 49ers or Seahawks? The class of the NFC runs it 55%.
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    If you remember this season that we found a way to lose the game at the end? Puting the ball too many times in the hands of Romo at the end of games was a typical way this happened. I like the way that Seattle does things and they don't give the game away at the end. Of course having a great defense helps too.
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    I would expect the guy to play to the strengths of what he has in his arsenal. I am sure that JG, regardless of what people here feel about him, will place more emphasis on our running game now that he knows our OL is serviceable.

    He is known for a good offensive mind and I am sure he will do the best he can to make the offense successful. Having a healthy Murray for a full season, with Dunbar (hopefully), would help this team a great deal. Considering our defensive issues, we need to be able to run the ball and control the clock in order to limit their exposure. That is basic football.
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  8. Next Years Champ

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    Its one thing to know you should run it more..

    quite another to be able to do it.

    Up until the last 2 years.. we had no OL.

    We had no RBs..

    just guys like Felix Jones.

    So now that Murray has actually remained healthy..

    and Dunbar has found a role..

    I expect Dallas to run more.

    But screaming about it does nothing.

    And frankly, we don't play physical football on either side of the LOS..

    so unless the mentality of the players and coaches changes..

    Not much is going to change.
  9. Next Years Champ

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    What you are not saying in your comment is that the QBs run the ball,too.

    They don't just use their RBs. you think Romo is going to scramble around and rip off key 1st downs..?

    Not this coming year..

    so I think its going to have to come with the passing game.

    And Romo is going to be getting the ball out in less than 2 seconds.

    Not handing it off.
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    You control the clock by moving the chains. You score by not getting into too many third downs if you can help it. Running v passing is of secondary concern, though it's nice if you can run at will and not have to pass. Most teams don't have that luxury.

    In any event, they went over like a wet fart in Dallas for whatever reason, but the possibility of adding Linehan and elevating Marinelli to DC was fairly well received in both Baltimore and Tampa. Add in the Pope hire, and I think we can be pretty satisfied with our coaching shuffle this offseason. Now let's see us address the defense.
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    Thanks for posting that entire quote. That can and should be taken the right way. But some do have their own agenda....
    That last part is what I seen most focus on, therefore their agenda...

    I take it as, yes be concerned as he is called "pass happy", but also says will just wait and see. And this is a pass happy league.
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    They are still balanced at 50-50 without the QB runs. Denver had the best offense in history this year at 59% pass ratio. Our 65% was a little too pass happy. We scored 440 points to their 700.

    I'd love to see us at 55-58 % im looking for 8-10 more runs per game, from dunbar and randle.
  13. brooksey1

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    Oops make that 600 pts.
  14. Doomsday101

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    There's this perception that Linehan doesn't like to run the ball. Well Steven Jackson set career highs in yards (1,528) and attempts (346) in 2006. Jackson also had 90 catches for 806 yards with three touchdown receptions that year.

    Linehan will run the ball, heck Det ran more than the Cowboys did. As long as the Cowboys are being productive with the run he will use it to his advantage
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  15. pancakeman

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    So not even half?!
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  16. khiladi

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    It is the THREAT of the run that opens up the passing game, not the amount of times one runs. If a DB has to worry about a look your showing them that may indicate run, but possibly pass than you can very well take advantage in the passing game. Using the Giants as an example of a pass first mentality while ignoring play-action which has been a staple of their offense is just silly. It's not about mathematical equations that lead to success, because balance means nothing if the defense knows what your calling. Also, the Packers are a West Coast team unlike us, which attempts to attack vertically most of the time. The implications for us abandoning the run are worse than the Packes because of our routes and we can't force the DBs closer to the line without the threat of run.

    Additionally, we had trouble moving the ball this year between the 20s, but we had trouble moving the ball inside the 20s the rest of Garrett's career because we never established the threat of the run. The problem with the Garrett offense since he has been here, is his inability to blend a running game with the passing game, which is one of the reasons Wade attempted to bring in Dan Reeves. This is a systematic problem which goes way back, which Callahan was actually, it seems, starting to fix. This is why the change doesn't seem to be too grand, but may be a step backwards. If we are going back to the two-tight end set, how does that impact the zone-blocking schemes we used with Callahan? Does that indicate to the defense we are essentially going to pass when going two-tight ends? Linehan used a power-blocking scheme. Instead of hiring Linehan, it probably would have made more sense to just give Callahan more flexibility in the playbook and implementing all sorts of new packages. Linehan only makes sense in the context that it's Garrett's last hoorah here.
  17. khiladi

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    They also have the threat of a running QB. The 49ers for exampled moved the ball against Seattle on big runs by CK and much of what he did in the playoffs the year prior was because of his gazelle like legs and speed. They are also the class of the NFC because of their phenomenal defenses, not their 'prolific' offenses.
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    The threat of the running QB or a mobile QB may help slightly but its about pounding the rock. The commitment has to be there.

    SF ran very little this year with CK, Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch pave the way with 20+carries per game, then hunter and turbin get their carries.
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  19. brooksey1

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    It is very important "how many times" you run it, if you want the run to be the "threat" you speak to. 15x is not a threat... 30x is a major threat.
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