News: ST: Jerry Jones said Tony Romo is working back into shape but pleased with everything he has...

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    Cowboys owner Jones said that quarterback Tony Romo, who missed the off season because of minor back surgery, has look good in training camp after a slow start.

    Jones said Romo’s added involvement with the offense is already very noticeable even as he works himself back into shape on the field.

    “I like what he’s doing,” Jones said. “He’s benefitting not only from on the field but off the field stuff. A lot of the stuff you’re seeing out there is him and some of his things. I sit in on most of the after practice offensive meetings, and I know it’s going good from their perspective in those meetings. I’m not seeing any differences. Maybe I see playing into shape, he looks a little more comfortable out there when he started.”

    The Cowboys are monitoring Romo’s throws in practice because of the off-surgery.

    While that may have something to with the decidedly limited number of deep throws through the first week, Jones said it has more to do with the change on offense with the bigger emphasis on featuring the tight end.

    “It could be what you are seeing on offense too with some of your stuff that you are benefitting from with your tight end emphasis,” Jones said. “That really is it as much as any limitation on what he is doing.”

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