News: ST: Once burned, Cowboys' Rob Ryan has no comparisons for Wes Welker

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    Once burned, Cowboys' Rob Ryan has no comparisons for Wes Welker

    Posted Friday, Oct. 14, 2011

    By Carlos Mendez

    IRVING -- Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan got another chance to talk about another receiver Friday.

    He stepped lightly.

    "I'm afraid to comment on wideouts," he said, joking with reporters who asked him about the New England Patriots' Wes Welker in his weekly media session at Valley Ranch. "Apparently, I don't know anything."

    Ryan might still be smarting from the reaction two weeks ago when he said Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are better receivers than Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions.

    Johnson caught two second-half touchdown passes in the Lions' 34-30 victory over the Cowboys, and after the game, Lions coach Jim Schwartz opened his news conference by saying he was glad his team had the third-best receiver in the game.

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    Atta boy, Rob.

    Im glad to see Rob is learning to be more 'diplomatic' when the media asks him his opinion of upcoming opponents.
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    i dont want him diplomatic, frankly. Calvin Johnson was basically shut down for the entire first half. And if we dont turn the ball over 3 times, he wouldnt even have had as many opportunities to burn our admittedly weak secondary.
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    Translation .. Rob Ryan doesn't want his mouth to write checks his offense cannot cash. :D :D


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